#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 21 – 100 Days W/O Fear

That moment when you realize you want to live life to the fullest. The second you understand that the only thing between you and your dreams is fear. The instant where you decide to break free from a limited lifestyle and start having real experiences that will lead to real results. That, is the moment Michelle Poler decided to face one fear a day, for 100 days.

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 20 – Every Indian In The World

We Indians have a unique style of our own, which no one from any other part of the world could imitate. The best part is every Indian from every state/city has his/her own style too, which is also very unique. Team Being Indian has some hilaroius sarcastic videos in line about Being Indian (example: Delhi, UP, Gujarati, Malyali, so on.).

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 19 – Movie Reviews

We have all read movie reviews before we selected a movie to watch, but more or less they are usually boring to read, and not very clear. Kanan Gill & Kalyan Rath, together have a new style of reivewing movies, and you would defintely want to Watch it.

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 17 – TVF Pitchers

"Startup" is the solution of every frustrated IT employee. When you just get fed up with your pressurizing Boss, irritating colleagues, mind-boggling policies, repeated cyclic work, you just want to quit and do something of your own. The Viral Fever team, has something to share with you about the same. Watch it here.

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 16 – TVF Barely Speaking with Arnub

The name Arnub is so famous in India, that in a group of people if you have one person talking non-stop and not allowing others to share their views, they do name him 'Arnub' of the group. Everyone is so fascinated with the debates he hosts on TV, and his famous dialog "The nation wants to know..". The Viral Fever Team, this time, has got a spoof of that show as, "Barely Speaking with Arnub", coz its true, that the rest barely speak on his show. Watch it here.

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 15 – TVF Tech Conversations With Dad

The boom in technology becomes a mandate that you start learning how to use it as fast as a new product is launched. It doesnt work the same with elders, coz they take their time in learning it, coz before they learn they want to know the pro's and con's. To be honest if you have ever tried explaing a new technology to a elder, most of the time you would end up irritated for their lack of knowledge about the same.

#MustWatch Videos Monday: Episode 14 – TVF Chai Sutta Chronicles

You might agree with me that a lot of amazing discussions happen over a cup of chai, more like Coffee Day tagline - A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. The Viral Fever team, shares a lot of these wonderful moments that happen over Tea and a Cigarette.