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2 States- The Story of My Marriage

I just got hold of the book 2 States, I know its a long time after it was published, but you see, now that I am working, I have to show people I am busy working, though half the times I am blogging or eating and sleeping! 🙂

But alas, my room mate brought this book home, and I got to read it last of all. Spent two nights to complete reading it, and believe me, it was worth skipping the long sleeps!

Before I start, I really must salute Mr. Chetan Bhagat, he has really got the flavor of words, that only he knows, how to use the Adjectives (the Spices), verbs (the Masala’s), nouns (the Tadka), and the Story (the main ingredient). The stirring, the flame, the heat, the garnishing, everything is so perfect, that I cant think of doing anything else, before I finish reading the book. Honestly I even postponed my bath for the next day morning, just coz I wanted to finish reading the book.

2 States - The Story Of My Marriage

The Story of My Marriage, starts from a quarrel in the mess about the Sambar, at IIM Ahmedabad, between, Krish, a Punjabi Munda from Delhi, and Ananya, a Tamil Penne from Chennai. It starts with friendship, ends with convincing parents for marriage. The plot of the story is about how the Two Love birds from different state, who fell in love while studying together, start planning for the biggest step in their life, the marriage, by trying to convincing their parents to agree for their wedding.

This is a life story of Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha, who are from Delhi and Tamil Nadu, respectively. It is a single sided narration, of his point of view, who puts it in humorously, by picking different culture and traditions of the two states. Chetan has really tried to put each and every word of it so perfectly, you just cant not disagree with anything.

Really loved the book, hope you could take some time out and read it too. I just found an online link, where you could read it online. Click here.

The news is that story will be made into a movie, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala with Shahrukh Khan, and Ananya as Asin, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj.

Chetan Baggat and His Better Half

Chetan Bhagat’s Website

7 replies on “2 States- The Story of My Marriage”

I strongly agree with u kelvin:)

I was the first to read the same book,which came last to your hands :D:p

the story was written in very nicely.
I have no words to say how nice it was..
it was just awesome:)

@KELVIN CASTELINOi can’t say this or that..
everything was so touching n interesting..

few parts were utmost touching, that my eyes were filled with tears…
but it was a happy ending:)
I really liked it so much:)

and yes i have read the book amazing love story..Wish I was part of such a love story..;)

I love their pic..They look nice..:)Never seen his wife before

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