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21 Facts you dont know about me

I know 21 is a odd number, but these are the facts that I could collect, that I was sure you didnt know about, so have a read, and tell me how many you didnt know. If you have list of yours, do comment it back or send me a link.

1. Till the age 18 of I had two milk teeth in the front.
2. In school for two plays I have enacted as a girl, coz I had silk and smooth hair, and cute dimpled face.
3. I had a dream of becoming an Automobile Engineer.
4. I hated computers till I was 20, and my brother helped me create my first email ID.

5. I have finished reading the whole Bible, not that I remeber the whole now
6. When small I used to always wear my shoes/slippers on the wrong foot, and run, fall, cry, get up and run again.
Honestly this continued for a long time, till I became 10 years old, and decided its time to change the way I put shoes.
7. Apple and Blackberry where actually only fruits when I was small.
8. I eat super fast. Whenever I go out to eat with friends, I have to slow down otherwise I’ll finish my meal in just a few minutes
9. Sea food delicacies are my fav.
10. I have a record of not meeting with an accident or falling from my bike till now (cycle doesnt include in this).
11. Though I was about to be the winner of the first race I had run in my school, my hat flew off, and hat was more important to me than winning the race. Dont ask me how my ears were listening to all. they just didnt know how much I loved my hat.
12. Sleeping is my favourite thing, but comes after eating actually
13. I have roamed 3/4th of India, till now.
14. Sweets is the way into my heart, so anyone planning then you know the trick.
15. I share my birthday with Saddam Hussein
16. I share my name with Lord Kelvin, who is referred for Temperature.
17. I hate Broccoli, Bitter Gourd and Brinjal.
18. I love beaches and swimming.
19. Anything adventurous always attracts me
20. Recently I have become cleanliness freak
21. I day dream more than night dream.

Now do you know something about me that I dont?

6 replies on “21 Facts you dont know about me”

i don’t know if u know this or no..
but i feel u always like to stand in the first place..

n this really is a good idea, i came to know many new things today 😛

You are the best bro ever! U are kind, encouraging, full of humor, strong in faith! A good, genuine, warm person. 🙂 N born few days after me!

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