I am standing at Tawarekere, Oracle Junction, a meeting point of four roads in different angles and distances, so its kinda weird junction, waiting for my cab. Beautiful morning, spoiled by the smoke of every vehicle passing by. All passerby’s busy to get to their destination for work. Some on phone’s, some on their iPod’s. Traffic moving smoothly, in the Bangalore standards, everything is just normal of an everyday person in this locality.

by seamartini
by seamartini

Two auto guys are just impatient to go in the normal route of snail pace, one following another, plan to take the wrong side of the road to over take other vehicles and push theirselves in to the line further. Quite normal again in Bangalore roads, or I could say almost all over India.

In 5 seconds, 5 vehicles are caught in a jam at the point, since the predictions of two auto guys didn’t work out well, and they are not just enough space for them to manoeuvre through the space left in the traffic.

10-15 vehicles get entangled in this chaos, one shouting at the other, 3 guys just honking at their glory, 2-3 just sitting idle, coz this is just like another usual day.

The two auto guys somehow make their way out, but now 30 vehicles of all kind, plus 3 cows, 2 dogs with a few pedestrians trying to cross the road are all caught up in this chaos. The guys at the ends of the traffic are just busy sitting on their horns, few here are just exchanging abusive words, as though they were sharing the sign of Peace. In some pockets of this chaos, there’s one who has banged his vehicle into another, and both have no clue whose mistake it is, but just to follow the norm, both come out with most creative abusive phrases possible. Some drivers have just increased the cooling of their AC’s coz their heads have started letting out heat.

It’s all a mess now. No one can move an inch front or back, but all want move first. There’s one telling to the other to move back, so he can move first, while the other is trying his instincts to come up with some amazing plan of getting out of this place. Few definitely are wishing if their vehicles could fly, life would have been much better. While few others are all angry with Bangalore, the traffic, the people, the auto drivers, that they all have started cribbing and crying about what a waste this city and its authorities are. Out of nowhere we have two or three traffic saviors coming out of their vehicles and start managing this chaos, and letting a few vehicles out. Their hard work is not completely futile, but the people are just not ready to listen to them. The guys say Stop, and they just keep going, and when asked move front, they move to the right. True that God gives patience for a few in extra, coz these guys were still really patient with everything.

A cop kinda also ends up in this mess, but has already lost his cool even before reaching the root of the problem. He’s the man of power is what all feel, and that for all on the road means not to listen to him. He shouts at very vehicle and driver, thinking that will make the people listen to him, but all his words just keep flying in the air.

60 seconds, and coz of the two impatient guys, a part of Bangalore, with 3-4 adjacent junctions and roads are all caught in this chaos. 1000’s are fuming with anger. 100’s are just exchanging abuses after abuses to the driver, to the vehicles, to the authorities. All have just lost their cool.

by robodread
by robodread

30mins later we have the traffic cops coming up, and with a few volunteers from the traffic, they have started the traffic move in one way and another. 60mins later the traffic back in its regular smooth flow. There was nothing more entertaining for me that day than seeing all this happening from the scratch til the end (yea, my cab also was delayed for about 45mins.)

Things that were amusing to me
Most of the chaos and confusions happen coz of either less patience and more ego.
The attitude of me first, doesn’t allow anyone to go anywhere
Animals are respected more than human beings in India (in all this chaos, there were a few touching the cows and giving their respects)
Zipping the mouth becomes very hard for every India
Banging someone’s vehicle and scooting off, becomes a norm for many.
Blaming the third person is just on everyone’s talk.

Now my analysis says, though two guys were logically responsible for this chaos, every person who later joined this traffic jam is equally responsible. If alone every person was patient for a few mins to let the other go first, and then move, all things would have sorted in few minutes or seconds.

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