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A race and a urge to work…

17 years of studies,
A, B, C… to Apple, Banana, Cat…
a+b=c.. to sin°, cos°,…
C#, C++, HTML.. to printf(“You are BCA graduate”);

Hours passed by, Years flew of, two decades crossed, with 21 years of life experience; I was here at my last day of my college life. Life had turned in many ways, in many different styles, in an unexpected manor, but in a very beautiful way. But now, it’s done, “what’s next?” was everyone’s question. Parents were pestering daily, what you going to do next, work or study more, teachers and lecturers were advising to study further, as expected, relatives were passing a thought of working now, and my dear best friends as usual, just be Bindaas yaar, we’ll think about it tomorrow.

Guess what, out of all, my friend’s suggestion was a good one for me, and I preferred following it, but that tomorrow came every next day, and same pesters and advises, what not. So at last I made up my mind to put my feet down, and take a wise decision. Now what to take, how to take, what to do…
As told, “An Idle mind is devil’s workshop”, and same happened here, I was jobless, and I just couldn’t think of anything, but just eating, watching movies, and sleeping when the power was out. But then Life came to a standstill, when it was really time to take a decision, and the very same time, I came across a poster, which said “Learn while you Earn”. Now this was something interesting thing for me to read, it said about an opportunity, to gain a degree of MS, Masters in Software Systems from BITS Pillani, while I work at a MNC IT company at the same time as an earning employee.

I wanted to do my studies, but yes, with my own money this time, so I could put into more efforts, since my money was getting wasted otherwise, and also this was an nice opportunity for me to grow in my career I felt, and hence I made a decision, simple one you can say, I’ll learn while I earn, else I’ll earn and then learn.

Taking decision was not the only thing; I had to actually do something. Now I knew a very few in the IT field, or I can say I hardly knew what actually the people I know work as. So it was a hard road to go along. I didn’t know what I was thinking when I took this decision, but my heart and mind were together saying, if you have taken it, fulfill it.

So I started doing the very first thing, which every person who looks for jobs do,, and so on. Every Job portal had my resume uploaded, and now it was time to wait, if I would get any invite from any company for interview, or anything. To my excitement it did come, mails after mails were filling in my inbox, and when I checked to my disappointment, every BPO outsourcing company wanted me, no one else. This was it, I was getting mad, mails and calls just started flooding in, requesting me, if you could be interested in joining my company or mine, in which I had a better CTC, and good shifts, and I could choose my location and so on.

Now I also was new to some terms like CTC, night shifts, OT, DL..etc. Now as again a IT guy, I did something smart, googled all of it, and here, CTC means cost to company, OT was overtime, DL was deadline, the most scary word for all.

Hmm same time I heard about job fests in different colleges and places, I along with some of my friends, all of us good for nothing, went together for all these fests, and best part, here also all companies that came were of BPO and nothing else. My dreams were getting dissolved; hopes were near to be shattered, when I got this idea of going directly to company websites, and searching for career option there. So now the next thing that went into it was, all resumes got posted in nearly all the IT companies of the world. Every company name that I knew of had my resume there. And now the second stage of waiting started, but in vain, so instead of wasting my time, I did something useful for all people, who are in the same road as me, I started a small fan page in Facebook with the title Jobs Corner, where every company website I go, and find some career opportunities there, I would post the links here, so anyone, anywhere who had a better chance than me could apply. Also I update a twitter profile for it so more could follow it.

In this long wait, a few companies started coming for campus selection in different other colleges, except mine, so we also were invited there, went there, applied, appeared, got the results and again waited for the next step. Some new terms started Bonds, we had to sign 1 year, 2-4 year bonds to work in a company now. Since we were fresher’s, things were not as sweet as I thought it would be. We had no clue what to do, all the company offering jobs with bond, I declined thinking I’ll get one better one than the other. So the wait, the apply, apply procedure continued.

In the course of time, I also went to Pune and Bangalore a many times, to give interviews, and try my skills in those lands, if somehow I would find a greener pasture there, but to no use. But every company interview I had attended gave me a new experience. Some had two rounds and some seven rounds, which went up to a week long. But all together, it kept hopes high and then it would shatter.

I realized the things to prepare for a interview is,
i.)Get all your certificates ready, and keep in memory all your total marks and percentages
ii.)Get ready to speak about yourself for a minimum of 15mins.
iii.)Iron your clothes well, and spend some enough time in front of the mirror on the day of interview, coz the impression makes it all.
iv.)Read about the company, its projects, its current happenings, and projects its undertaking, and keep in your memory all the positives.
v.)Know where the company is located, and If possible go to the place a day before, so you don’t end up searching for it on the interview day and be late.
vi.)Never be late for the interview, it spoils your image.
vii.)Try to converse with the candidates outside, and try to know what’s happening, and what happened before you reached.
viii.)Be calm and cool, anything happens at the interview is not the end of the world of opportunities.
ix.)Try to open your eyes and ears wide open, see the posters around, read the company magazine lying on the table, and try to gain as much information as possible.
x.)The major point of all, if you believe God exists, pray to him, and trust him with all your heart, coz he’ll help you with everything, my personal experience, can tell you with guarantee.

Now that you are ready to go, things will be just fine for everything. So after 6 months of interview after interview, I finally succeeded in two, and now I am currently posted in one, which was a dream come true, IT work with MS degree. So what’s more, always believe in yourself that you can do it, be ready to always be open for changes and corrections, and trust with your conscious, that God will take care of it.

I am right now settled at work, and I am happy and contented 🙂

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