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Mixing Technology with real life is real going to make you pay hard! You dont believe me, then do read on to know how

Yes you heard me right! This year 2012 has started of me trying to loose some weight (Actually lot of weight sounds better). I have joined gym, where I pay the trainer to workout for me, and the good news is that, he in good shape now! 🙂

But no off recent I also have been doing regular visits to gym, they have got real good equipments there, also surround sound music system, full air conditioned! Nice place to actually sit with your laptop while hogging a plate of French fries, but sadly they dont allow that! Off recent my state is somewhat similar to the comic below (via GeekCulture)

Thank God, I didnt go for refrigerators like these, else surely I would have been dead by now!

NOTE: Keep technology out of your diet plans, else you will be paying hard for it!

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