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Day 5 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Its Day 5 people with the same goal of completing the book and other goals attached now. Pray that by today i finish it re.

Day 5 started the same way as the other days, and me having the same error from Day 4! Since i had no clue what to do and other were busy i started helping my team mates one by one. Then later the director of the firm came, he too tried his best, didn’t work. So then he gave me the best suggestion i had never expected from a Software developing firm’s director say.

Just Google the error you may find the solution. we always do that, so u also do the same. And i also did the same and Eureka i did find the solution and mistake. It was computer name’s mistake which had a apostrophe in its name which gave all the errors.
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Day 4 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Day 4 started by me reaching a bit early than the rest of my team mates. Also my goal in mind didn’t die down. I really wanted to finish the book thing by today.

We started as soon as possible to work on it, and the other employees working on their Project work which we had no idea what they were doing. I tried a bit further in the database, and everything regarding the database worked well (Of course with lot of struggles, and trail error methods and stuff).

now came the authorization and authentication part of the project. I guess you know that its really important to secure your data of the project and database. Same thing i am talking about here with the bit a computer language terms.
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Day 3 @ Vagson’s Technologies

hmmm Sorry for the delay in posting! But i was really tired of work daily and i guess today is my 14th day @ work! 🙂
But anyways nevertheless me posting today coz i still remember everyday of my work. How can i forget what happens from morning 8AM to night 8PM.:)

Day 3 of my work did also go as usual with the goal in the mind that i had to finish treading that e-book that was given to us and also to complete the project included in the book.
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Day 2 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Hmmmm by reading my first blog about my first day at ?@?$0?’? Technologies u got tired for sure i guess. So i’ll try to be short and sweet today.


Actually we all three reached around 7:30 PM so that we didn’t want to spoil the impression of us during the first few days itself. The employees as usual came after 8AM and sir didn’t turn up at all. I had forgot to mention that on the first day evening before giving us the system’s to work on we were introduced to our external guide Rahul who doesn’t like to be called sir so I’ll make it a point not to mention him sir in my blogs to.
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Day 1 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Sir: “Give me 10 good idea’s that you’ll be able to do your project on and then we’ll talk and decide which would be the best one.”

Heheheheh!! a quite confusing start na! It just struck my mind while i thought how to start a blog! Not so good at blogging u see! You can see my post! all are more like articles and only one post! Just heard that many of them blog and this has helped them a lot in improving their vocabulary and usage of words and making of new and good friends! so i thought why not me too.
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The beginning….

Hello friends! How are you? Hmmm I am not a usual Blogger, I just felt that I stood start some day, and April fools day really suited for me J. Though I never got any ideas to start from where I got this recent topic in my college. So I though why no share on this. I know I am not so good at English words, but I hope you’ll like it. And I’ll promise to you that in coming blogs I’ll improve my English as well as my topics of my blogs and I also urge you guys also to start blogging. Hmmm so till the read on….
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