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Blogs I Follow, You could too

I wanted to share some of the blogs that I follow, which have wonderful posts and articles that in some way or the other keep me hooked to these blogs. Thought of sharing it with you, so you to could have a glimpse of them, and if you like them, why not even follow them 🙂

Cartoonist Nikhil Pai
Blog of one of my dear friend who is a Cartoonist by heart. Want to get your tummy tickled with some good comic caricature, then the posts here will surely give you some good time.

Clumsy Clarissa
Life and Lifestyle is what it always shares about. The posts here share about technology to beauty, from place to politics. Every bit of it is here, with a little twist and turns in the views which keep me engrossed.

In Becoming
Cassandra D’roza (Cassy) from Goa, who is a born dreamer, who blog always has lovely posts, on love & life. Sometimes its poetry, some times its posts, and sometimes its stories, but every time is just nice to read.

Sidewalk Smiles
Another blog by Cassy, a little project which aims to bring to the fore people who take the little time out to make big differences in other people’s lives, quietly, bringing about tremendous joy.
Just click to check out more.

Of Crass and of Class
Sahana, Fickle minded, humorous blogger, always has a humor bone in her for every post she writes or expresses. The real life daily happenings turn out very humorous when you see from Sahana’s view.

Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa
Are you ready to rofl, by reading a different view of daily realities of life? Then you are at the right blog, the author Krish Ashok keeps me engrossed always for minutes together reading his humorous post on different day-to-day happenings around me.
While you are @ it, check out his “PLOG

Under the Ocean
Though I have placed the blog at the last in this post, but the person is among first in my life. My best sister, Cecilia Lourenco, who has always supported me, and helped me design and develop my blog. Though her posts come once in a blue moon, they come with lot of feelings in it. the blog shows her a Lady of few words, but in reality, thats just vice versa. Go ahead a read more 🙂

Blogging has always been my passion, after I have started it, but sometimes you are always at loss of words, or dont know what to write about, but you have that urge in the heart to write. Take my advice, take a break, read others blog posts for a while, and then you mind will expand for more better idea’s. The above mentioned blogs will surely keep you engrossed and for surely you will be following one or two of them without doubts.

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