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Burn Notice

Dont know how many of you watch English TV series, but I am one big fan of them. After watching dumb Aahat and CID, I had stopped watching much, not TV series nor Movies. But in recent times, when you are bored, and want to watch something good, that you feel its not a waste of Time, I suggest you can try English TV series.

Now for the people who still love Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Ti, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ghar Ghar ki Kahani, this is strictly not you. Its better you continue watching them, and when you are done, you can ask me, i’ll tell you how many times one person will die and resurrect in that.

Anyways, what I was talking about some drama mixed with Action.I did start watching, Prison Break, Mentalists and Fringe, where I got this craze of watching some more shows. About them I’ll speak next time. But currently me watching Burn Notice.

Burn Notice

Created by Matt Nix, about a Spy who gets mysteriously burnt due to some very extra ordinary reasons. The whole series revolves around him solving this mystery, where day-by-day he get new clients to solve their cases who other wise, other cops are too not bothered to help them.

Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless, play the different roles in such a way, that its hard taking you eyes off the screen.

As the spy Michael Westen tries to get into back to his earlier position, we have his ex-girl friend Fiona Glenanne, who is also a bomb specialist by his side, and a friend Sam Axe, who keeps him updated and gets the necessary resources from FBI when needed, and a loving mom Madeline, who always wants him to be safe, who sometimes is a resource and some other times an hinderance.

Throughout the series he deals with two things, why he was burnt and individual episodes of different cases that he needs to solve, coz the clients are his former friends, or friend’s friend, or just someone who wants help. He comes across a lot mobsters, con artists, arms traffickers, kidnappers, money launderers and drug traffickers.

Its currently in its 5 season, the list of the episodes is here:List of Burn Notice episodes

The Official Website:

You got the time, and the craze to watch something adventurous with some drama, this is the one. 🙂
Burn Notice

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