The Lenten Season

Few days ago, I had shared about Ash Wednesday. But recently I came to know that there are many more days which are observed by Christians which are hardly known by any, so here a little input on all. Why 40 days? The number forty has many Biblical references: the forty days Moses spent on […]

One-In-All Indian Vegetable Gravy Recepie

All bachelors and people who hardly know cooking like me, would be happy to note down this simple recipe for all vegetables you know. I know how hard it is, to keep in mind recipes to make one small dinner or lunch, and how many times we have to see that book, just to get […]

How to make french fries in a very easy method

Hey, this Sunday was a day of some free time, so I thought let me try some cooking skills. So before starting anything, and having the house on fire, I did a wise thing, googled the dishes I was thinking of making, and one of them was my very favourite, French Fries. I know that […]