Free Christmas WordPress Themes & Plugins

Christmas time, means everything has to be Christmasy, our Houses, our Cars, the Food we Eat, our Streets, Malls, everything. So why not our websites. Here are a few amazing Free WordPress Themes and Plugins that you could use for your site to give that Christmasy touch..

WordPress Themes

ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster.
ChristmasPress by ChristmasWebmaster & monkeymays.

ChristmasPress is a modern 2 column, sassy, pink and purple theme with cute cartoon characters and a vibrant background.

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60 Seconds

I am standing at Tawarekere, Oracle Junction, a meeting point of four roads in different angles and distances, so its kinda weird junction, waiting for my cab. Beautiful morning, spoiled by the smoke of every vehicle passing by. All passerby’s busy to get to their destination for work. Some on phone’s, some on their iPod’s. Traffic moving smoothly, in the Bangalore standards, everything is just normal of an everyday person in this locality.
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Thoughts under Work in Progress

So I had my thoughts under work in progress from quite some time! They were so concentrated, getting them diluted was taking longer than expected, and I believe its near to an year, that I wrote something fruitful and prodcutive! And I guess this is been happening with me with quite some cycles, of my blog dying, and ressurecting with a new design and feature, and will be in hyper mode for sometime, that it will start aging soon, and die later. Want to keep it alive for longer this time. Lets see how far that goes. Kep glued to the blog, for some excellent posts coming your way.

Bang the doors of Heaven for a Nation led by God

When all things fall apart, most of them turn to God, but here’s something different. A group of Professionals from Bangalore and Pune get together to start a campaign to Pray for their country, their leaders and the citizens during the upcoming Elections.

The Power of Prayer is what they believe in, and what brought them closer, with an innovative idea to launch a website ‘‘ which randomly assigns willing visitors, the name of a Lok Sabha constituency to pray for, during the 2014 General Elections in India.
Lets PrayForIndia
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Happy Childrens Day

I woke up today not knowing the date, for a series of profile pictures changed to their childhood photos in almost all social media platforms and I was wondering what has happened while I was asleep. Some new fight we fighting by changing our profile pics. Thats when I get a message from my lecturer wishing me Happy Children’s Day, and that were it all made sense to me.
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People & Gossip

Have you overheard people gossiping about each other! They might not be talking to you about it, but they are definitely “bitching” (the common term used in this type of conversation) about some third person without his/her knowledge, definitely without their knowledge, else they would have got a free tight slap for sure.

However, what I like about this overhearing of this gossip is not to know what they speak, like to get some facts, but the way they frame sentences, the creativeness they use in mixing the write words, and presenting the statement, in most delicious digestible for the listener. Some statements sound so true, that if the person whom they are talking about hears it, might also end up believing it.
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