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Death Race 2

Recently, when I have no much work to do at home, and not so active to play games or go for “gym”, after a tiring work of sitting in front of the computer whole day on a relaxed cushion chair, browsing all the sites possible, I stick on to watching movies and TV-series! And when I like the one’s I watch, then surely I dont miss to post a review about it! My way of supporting and publicizing the movie!

So two-three days back, I was hooked up watching Death Race 2. For those of you who have not watched Death Race, the first part, you wouldnt understand much whats happening in the Part 2! So before yo u read the review of Death Race 2, go and see the part one! Coz its something you dont want to miss!

Some summary type of Death Race (part 1), in future time i.e., 2012, US faces a financial crisis, unemployment and crimes take a sky-rise, and the government faces to hand over the Prisons to outsiders! The Prisons, are owned and managed by Private Corporations! The inmates are tried to corrected or just suffered according to the Private Owner! The rights of releasing an inmate also lies in the hands of the owner! So one such company, plays their role in a different way! It uses the inmates play in a game, where the loser dies, and the winner is released! And the company owner earns by posting the live video online and gets payed per viewer!

So much for Death Race (Part 1), and in Death Race 2,

Blog Movie Personal Reviews

Fast and Furious 5 -Fast 5

Last weekend Cars filled my mind, heart and soul. Couldn’t help it, coz when I was very excited that one of my favorite series of Movie had released a new one, yes ‘Fast and Furious Five’.

My friend was also excited that he booked the ticket before asking me, and told me we are going for it at Oberon Mall at Cochin! All the excitement we were there at the Theater 20 minutes in advance, so that we dont miss the 7.8 rated, £5,332,096 boxed movie for the week.

With all the excitement, with popcorn in one hand and coke in another, all set and the reel starts reeling.

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Burn Notice

Dont know how many of you watch English TV series, but I am one big fan of them. After watching dumb Aahat and CID, I had stopped watching much, not TV series nor Movies. But in recent times, when you are bored, and want to watch something good, that you feel its not a waste of Time, I suggest you can try English TV series.

Now for the people who still love Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Ti, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ghar Ghar ki Kahani, this is strictly not you. Its better you continue watching them, and when you are done, you can ask me, i’ll tell you how many times one person will die and resurrect in that.

Anyways, what I was talking about some drama mixed with Action.I did start watching, Prison Break, Mentalists and Fringe, where I got this craze of watching some more shows. About them I’ll speak next time. But currently me watching Burn Notice.

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Direction Remo D’souza
Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Pooja Gupta, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh
Duration: 2 hours
Genre: Drama

This sunday I had been to watch the newly released FALTU much to my dismay, it did turn out to be “faltu” after all.

Story: Its about 4 back benchers who just manage to clear the exams, but still want to continue “studying” further, but no colleges take them. So they come up with their own plans of starting their own college, for a day to bluff their parents. Apparently it turns out lot more of faltus like them end up coming to the college and thats when they hit a plan of starting a new trend in the education system.