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Chillar Party

“Truck ke Body pe cycle ki Ghanti Lagayla Hai”

Chillar Party 3/5 critic rated Bollywood movie has reached out in the box office breaking all the usual love romantic movies, by pressing humor and message to its best!

The movie is a about a group of young kids (punter log) of Chandan Nagar who live life the “Bindaas” style. have their own everyday problems that they face and sort out, with other colony team always beating them in cricket and their very own colony’s different neighbors who irritate them in one way or the other. Everything remains usual until and orphan boy is hired by the secretary of the colony, to wash all the cars. Problem arises when the boy has a dog and the punter gang doesnt like dogs coz they put their “lendi (shit)” on the cricket pitch. Somehow after all the misunderstanding they get along so well that they become inseparable, also winning the match with the other team.

Chillar Party

A new problem arises when a ministers comes to their colony to inaugurate the ground, where the ministers PA ends up scolding the kids and pushing the orphan boy, and the dog pouncing on him. Not ready to take this insult, the minister puts a new law in action of throwing out all street dog’s and dog’s without “NOC” certificate. The colony people dont support the kids much, but our punter log are also not ready to just give their dog away, their grit and strong determination makes them things unthinkable to stop the minister taking their dog away.Chaddi March

The movie is filled with all “tapori” dialogs, which is quite common in the new media projected world. the humor in the movie keeps you rolling on the floor throughout the movie. But the most interesting part is, even with this humor, and even being kids, how the message is pressed to all the people of all ages. The movie not only relates to all children, but also becomes a must watch for all parents as well, where parents always think, children dont know anything.

The movie expresses how children are forced to learn so many things, but when the moment where they start applying it real life, the number of obstacles they face, and how they dont get support from every parent, and sometimes even parents become an obstacle is clearly portrayed throughout the movie.

Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl the directors of the movie along with Ronnie Screwvala and Salman Khan have really got the best cast for every role of this movie. The cast is as follows,
Fatka – Irrfan Khan
Encyclopedia – Arjun – Sanath Menon
Akram – Ramashanker – Rohan Grover
Jhangiya – Balwan – Naman Jain
Aflatoon – Aarav Khanna
Second Hand – Laxman – Vishesh Tiwari
Panauti – Lucky Singh – Chinmai Chandranshuh
Silencer – Vedant Desai
Shaolin – Divji Handa
Toothpaste – Shriya Sharma
Bheedu Raju

Pantar Gang

The songs with Amit Trivedi’s music keeps you tapping your feet all while long and the dialogs one after another just keeps you glued to your seat.

One of my friend who joined me in watching the movies, expressed his view as,
“Really good, lots of fun made by kids, especially Jhangiya (balvan), superb acting at that age. Its really awesome movie, one who understands hindi can enjoy at higherlevels, one who doesn’t understand hindi, still they too can enjoy by seeing action of the kids”
He’s still repeating every dialogs of the movie every another fraction of a second.
One more friend who joined me in watching the movie is still caught laughing, that he couldn’t express his views yet 🙂

Another best dialog is Jhangiya’s for Who is Mahatma Gandhi?

“Bole to baapu india ka ohh bhai tha jise angrejonki wat lagadhi thi aur inka satthadi paad kardhiya tha…samjhi kya..”


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