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Cloud 9 experience

Call me a fan of Google Search or a Search freak. I just love searching and researching each and every minute detail I come across, while I read, when I see around, I hear from someone or somewhere or be it whatsoever, I just have to find out info about it.

Some say its good to know things, others say, just look into your own business and I term it as, just Dig, Dig and Dig more until your satisfied with the information.So as I was saying, I used to always hear this term, people express “Cloud 9”, I knew what it meant, but never knew what would be the feeling, or what it really meant to be on cloud 9.

Wikipedia expresses Cloud 9 as “an English expression meaning “euphoria” (an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.) or “bliss” (a state of profound satisfaction, happiness and joy, a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss).

Now what made me experience this feeling? Where? When? How?
From my last post I spoke about how I got the opportunity to fly to Mangalore from Chennai through flight, and now let me explain to you my small happy moment experience.

The day I got to know that I have been offered the flight ticket, I just didnt know what to do. My parents had told me when I was about a year or two they had taken me from Mangalore to Mumbai on Air India Airlines. Now this was only information for me, but I never remembered anything about the flight, plane or anything to that matter. It was always a dream of mine, that one day surely I will travel by plane. God surely knew what my plan was, and the way he blessed me was absolutely amazing. As I expressed in my last post, I wanted to be for the CFCI Singles conference, and I am sent to Chennai for Training, and no tickets to travel back to anywhere, made me doubt God many times, but then I realize he had some surprise waiting for me. He just made my dream come true.

Now my first reaction when I got my ticket in my mail box, I was not sure if it was true. I opened and closed the document about 3-4 times, just to make myself confirmed, and the best part I never knew what Greek was that on the ticket, coz I had never seen a flight ticket before, and this on the top was in document format, without alignment, I just knew it was Jet Airways I will be traveling on 12th August from Chennai to Mangalore, thats it. A big smile just appeared my pimple face, and great joy in the little sad and depressed heart. I expressed my joy to two of my friends who had joined me for training, they were also very happy for me.

Jet Airways
Jet Airways

And now came the next thing, yea I know I am pretty much practical guy, I dont sit in the same reaction and feeling for long, I wanted to know what to do next. And as usual, I started digging on Google for all info I could get.

It was kinda funny, but I really did all these keyword searches on Google.
“How to read airline ticket?”
“How to read Jet Airways ticket?”
“How to find the seat number in an Air Ticket?”
“To Chennai Airport Map”
Reviews of Jet Airways Chennai to Mangalore”
“Is food drinks served on Jet Airways”

It went on and on exploring about Jet Airways and Airport and then came the best search of all.
“What to do at the Airport?”

Honestly I didnt know where to enter, what to do, or how the airport will be inside, and worst part was, I was in a place where I didnt know the language, nor I knew where was the Airport Situated.

I didnt get much details, so I started mailing, all whom I knew what to do at Airport.
And I got a best reply with all details

1.Carry your e ticket copy and your ID card.
2.Check into the airport 1 hour before the flight
3.If you are only having hand baggage then go straight to the check in counter of Jet lite
4.If you have a suitcase then put it in the xray
5.Once you check in they will issue a boarding card with your seat no
6.Pick a tag from the counter and attach it to your luggage and fill the flight no on it
7.Then you proceed for security checkup.
8.See the sign boards which will lead you to it
9.Do not carry any sharp instruments, liquid in your hand baggage , they will throw it at security check
10.After security check do not sleep , sit in a place and wait for announcement of your flight and boarding.
11.Once you board look for the seat no and sit properly
12.Do not put your head out of the window- ur brains may shrink

Now still I was nervous and afraid about how will things go.
It was night and I had 24 hours more to board on flight, but the excitement and joy in my heart, was not so easy to digest, I just didnt know what was happening to me. I was all smiley smiley all the time. I went to sleep early, but of no use, I was not getting sleep, I was just smiling all to myself in the dark. I thank God it was dark and no one saw me that state, else I would be at an Mental Asylum.

The morning I woke up, I was all shivering and smiling, the nervousness and joy was just not ready to leave me so easily. I somehow dressed up for work, and with all the excitement I dressed as I was going for a party, Jeans and Casual Shirt, I was an walking attraction to all my colleagues on a work-day, and it was not even Friday-Casual Day. My trainer was like whats up with this attire, “I am going home tonight” was my quick reply, which saved my neck 🙂

Dont ask me how the day passed, what happened the whole day, I just had one thing in mind, how I was going to fly early morning next day. Somehow, time passed, and I was not aware of it at all. It was night, just had a light dinner, coz I didnt want to end up in the loo than the plane.

I had to keep myself awake the whole night if I had to go to Airport at 3am in the morning. Somehow coz of this nervousness and joy, I didnt even get a wink of sleep neither did I doze off. The taxi somehow came early to pick me up, I boarded it. in few minutes he dropped me at the Airport, for my nervous-vein to double up its pressure and my mind to explode in knowing what to do.

It was early morning, and hardly people around to keep inquiring of what to do. Somehow my conscious spoke out loud, saying try reading the boards and move forward, and thats what I did.
I found some cops standing at the door, and Entrance was the board on top of it.

Though I was nervous and all afraid and stuff, I had to act normal, coz I had seen movies, where cops catch someone who’s behavior is not normal, and Independence day was just few days later, so security was extra strict, so I just made up a brave face, and stood in front face-to face of the cop.

I praised God the moment he opened his mouth, he was a North Indian, he checked my ticket, my ID card, and saw my face and ID card, 3-4 times, I hoped that my few extra pimples or no-mush in the face front wont make a problems now. He allowed me inside, and all I did was asked him itself, what I am supposed to do inside. he gave some quick brief instructions, coz even after asking others earlier through mail, I forgot to take down the points with me.

I entered the Chennai Domestic Airport, and it was huge. I suppose HUGE is a small word to express, and I just felt like a small mouse there, but to my rescue there were a few passengers here and there, so I thought let me follow them always. Anytime experienced more obstacles come front, when you just tackle one, and this was the same situation I was in. There were umpteen different Airlines in that Airport, and all had different counters and stuff. What amazed me was, some small kids about, 10 years younger to me, where all there, traveling, all alone, and I guess first time in my life, I felt smaller than them.

I just got a place in the corner to sit, and all I did was stare at the Jet Airways counter, as to when it will start working or transactions will happen. After an hour, it started, and all started moving, and I just took my place in between those, so I could see the people in front what to do, and saw that I dont end up last, just to get stranded at the Airport coz of delay.

The whole screening the baggage, and ticket check-up, collecting boarding pass, and second security check up all happened in so jiffy, I was all happy about it, thanks to Jet Airways for it, coz if they didnt assist me, I would have reached somewhere else.

I roamed here and there, just to pass my time, and found out that fasting at Airport is always a good option, to that matter of even drinking that ordinary glass of tea. 🙂

Now the next stage of waiting, to be called to boarded the plane, and somehow there was an announcement to board the flight, and this was the moment, my heart beat started beating at double speed. A bus was waiting outside to pick us up, all of us boarded it, to take us to the plane.

And the journey towards the plane started, we passed all different Big Planes, then the courier section and all things possible in the Airport, but we still didnt reach our plane. I was just imagining how big the Airport could be, maybe the plane was very big, and kept a little far and all sort of things were in my mind, same time I was seeing outside the windows, by taking turn, seeing on both sides, coz I didnt want to miss anything.
After about 2kms travel we reached a small ATR flight standing for us. My little excitement broke down, but boarding the plane, my heart beat started to beat thrice it speed now, speed enough to fly a plane.

The cabin crew told me where to sit, and I took my place. The ground staff crew at the desk was kind enough to give me a window seat, coz when he asked me which seat I preferred, I told him any, and told him it was my first time. So here I was sitting and exploring the plane with my sharp eyesight of how much I could explore. After the instructions of the emergency, the plane started off.
And in sometime it was up in the air, and I was just glued to the window, seeing outside what all I could see. I just didnt care what others could think of me, or whatever, I was just happy, happy and happy.

And now when I was traveling through the clouds, above the earth, this was the time I experience my “Cloud 9” feeling. I am just out off all words now, to express myself, but here I was flying breaking all the clouds.

I know the post has gone pretty long and I have written a bit too much, but I was just so happy to experience this. For most of them, this would be daily or regular experience, but this was my first and great experience. Now my journey on plane, the experience I will share in the next post, but currently as I am writing this, I can feel the same feeling what I felt there.

If you are one like me, who has not traveled by plane yet, then please do somehow make it to fly once in a life, its an experience you dont want to miss. Chao till then.

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