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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 2)

It was some days back in my college! It was lab practical exam time! My favourite exams actually! Coz I love practicals, than the boring theory which its not possible for me to memorize! Until the eleventh hour everyone were busy with the books outside the lab, some mugging up as much as possible, some just opening the book for the first time, some still inquiring which exam it is actually, some roaming around searching for their study mates, and some just lost in their own thoughts!

The Bell rings, and we proceed inside, take our papers and seats, and start the 2 hour long practical exam. Dont ask me why, but the university rule says we have to write the programs on the sheet of paper, and if it is write then proceed it to execute on the system, quite not certain whats the practical part of it, if you could just by-heart the program and start writing it at once, but thats how the education system runs, no comments!

So I took my seat, started writing the program, with no hassle, coz I knew it without any error. Got it signed from the invigilator, and started executing on the system. We have two programs to execute! So I did the first one in a jiffy, and now I was at the second one. Somehow things didnt go on as I expected! I was getting repeated error. I tried all things that I knew and whatsoever it just didnt budge to work at all, but just throw errors!

Now those of who know the computer programs, its a 100 lines code, and a slight mistake in . , ; /, will throw all the errors possible and wont execute at all. And searching in those lines is like searching for a needle in hay stack, and other things is program did not execute means I get marks a “zero“!
This was not happening, my favorite part of exams, where I always get good score, and now I knew all my programs well, the logic was correct, then why this error.

I was pretty much depressed seeing the black screen, and program in white font. Just didnt know what to do, and one hour was almost up.
Only thought and hope I had was to pray to God. Not that I didnt pray before I entered the exam hall, but still I got the error, coz God didnt promise me however error free life. So I just closed my eyes for sometime and cried out to my God. I just didnt know how exactly to pray and what to ask for, just cried my problem to him. I felt I guess I finished praying, I open my eyes, and to my amazement, the first look on the screen I see a end of a line, and I had missed “;”. That was it, I placed it, executed it again, and praise God, the program executed, I scored cent marks just coz of a small prayer I could say.

Now when I told others, some said it was luck, fate and coincident, but for me it was cent percent sure, that it was just God, who helped me out there, of which I am so happy that even after so many years I didnt forget that incident, and never took back step in sharing this God felt incident of my life.

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