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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 3)

Recently one of my brother Biron D’souza had an incident occured in his life, that he shared with me! I felt that I need to share this to all. The below content is all in his own words, unedited. Do read on.

My friends from Mangalore were down in Bangalore over the weekend, we went bowling and watch the IPL finals together at one of their cousins place on Saturday. I wanted to be up and go in the morning for mass on sunday so that i could make it for the meeting in the evening. Didn find a place near the place where we were staying but two of my friends were goin towards MG road to meet up another friend for breakfast, and near there is the St Patricks Church, i found out from the CFC that mass was at 11 there, so it worked out well.

While on the rickshaw there we had kept our bags behind the seat and moved towards MG road. As we were getting down from the rick i was asking directions to the church and i forgot my bag in the rickshaw. it contained my laptop, my chennai bike documents and yhe notebook with all the data i had compiled from my karnataka trip. Without that my summer project was all but nullified. i realised it only in the restaurant when i was about to leave from there to mass at 1045. My friend abdul and me searched the streets for the rick for sometime, but obviously it had gone by then. I was worried for a moment. the rickshaw fellow seemed ok but i was scared that some other passenger may take it.

In all this confusion, there was still something telling me in my head that this is a test and i need to give first place to God. The friend we met up, disha (who is from bangalore) told that she cud take me to the police station and that we cud lodge a complaint. But i felt the urge to go for mass. i said i’ll go for mass and then we’ll see about going to the police. this left disha quite baffled but my mangalore friends knew that i wud prioritize mass that way 🙂 i took off for mass, msging CFC Jimmy to pray for it, and got there in time for the entrance hymn. i just told myself to keep my mind off the bag and give myself to God in the Mass. I just told God to give me a testimony that day. And something told me that by today i would get the bag. The Mass was beautiful and so was the sermon. In the middle of the sermon i started getting a call on my phone. I usually dnt atttend calls in Mass but i thought i’ll just see if its my friends. If it was one of them, i thought, it meant good news. It was an unknown Bangalore number ( the old airtel 9845 types) i didn pick it but something told me that THIS was THE CALL. so after it got missed i excused myself and called the number back.

The person replied that it was the Koramangala Police station and that the rick driver has given them the bag and was waitin for me to claim it. I was overjoyed as i heard that and Praised God! i called up abdul and told him to go ahead of me because i had to receive communion. I received communion and went off to the police station. On the way wen i called CFC jimmy he was like “u got it?” even before i cud say anythin 🙂 The bag was there at th station with the rick driver and my friends and i rewarded the driver with some money. It was amazing that the Lord returned my bag in one hour! in fact after i had left, my friends told disha that Biron will go for mass and pray so hard that God will return the bag! 🙂 She was shocked wen she got the news.

I didn pray that hard, but i realized that

‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all shall be granted unto you’ Matt 6:33.

It is so so true. Its strengthened my faith in the power of the Holy Mass also! Again, there wasn’t any identification in the bag other than the book in which i had casually filled in the personal information page, when i was bored in davangere. Both my phone numbers were there and thats how they contacted me. The police told me that that was crucial and nowadays people hardly have that habit. How God works wonders brothers! God did give me another testimony 🙂

Now again what do you have to say? Was it God’s part of the plan or just a mere co-incidence?

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