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Coincidence v/s God’s Plan (Part 4)

Have you experienced this feeling, when you really want to be there for something, and you have all the obstacles coming front of you, until the last minute and it feels nearly impossible to be there in any ways, I went through one recently.

I know I have not spoken much about CFCI Singles, and youth, which I have planned for soon, and will do soon, but as I was telling, there was CFCI Singles National Conference to be held in Mangalore, in my hometown, and Singles from all over India would be coming, and it was my community conference, my brothers and sisters coming to meet all together once in a year, and I was so eager to go for it, and was planning from a year long, even before I got a job and got sent here to Cochin.

Anyways, I was recently as I had told before, I was sent to Chennai from my company for a 2 weeks of training, and the weekend of the 2nd week was the conference, and as I had planned I had asked my company to issue my ticket to Mangalore, but due to lot of people traveling all tickets were on Waiting List, so the travel guys told me, they will try for Tatkal.

Though I was half afraid of this thing, but I still believed God will help me out in here. Had some great time in Chennai, and days were nearing to the conference, and I was getting more and more excited. I just couldnt sit quietly at all in one place! I was calling people to ask about their preparations for the conference, who all are coming, troubled my travel guys, if they booked my ticket, even though I knew Tatkal tickets are issued, just 24 hours before the travel. Every moment of it made me so excited. Atlast the day came, to book Tatkal tickets, and the day before I re-reminded the Travel people not to forget to book my tickets, call my fortune or mis-fortune, I call God’s plan as usual, that they delayed in booking, and Tatkal went in Waiting List now.

They just told nothing is possible now. I was all devastated. I called all the people in the earth I knew about Travel and stuff, how I could reach Mangalore at any cost. Coz I had to be there. And at the same time, my dear, next door neighbor Satan was ready to fill me with doubt after doubt, saying, what happened to all my prayers I used to do daily, what happened about me saying Pro-Life from so many things, all in vain, when the one thing you want most you dont get. I dont know how God had programmed my small brain to take all things at once, one side tension, another side training, another the doubtful thoughts, and another just confusion all over. Last option was me booking flight tickets, but the cost was so high, and with my low finances I didnt know what much to do, and I also didnt want to burden my folks at home also, coz that was always my dream, that after I start working, I dont want to borrow money from anyone.

And now I was really in a crying state, and I just didnt know what to do. Neither I had ticket to go to Mangalore, neither ticket to go to Cochin back to my work place, I was just stuck in a new place was all that I could think of. My life in the community and my well wishers from all over India from my SFC family where with me, and all were very adamant that God will not let me down, after so many miracles in my Life, God wont let me down this time, for such a small thing for sure. This gave me a bit more boost, to ask God to look into this, about whats happening, and was he playing with my poor life, by not allowing me to go and see what will I do.

And here I get a mail from the Travel at the same moment, should we book a flight ticket? Now I didnt know what to say more. I just didnt know what happened, and I said go ahead, and I got a free air ticket from my company to my destination. I had no clue how it all happened, but I just knew at once, it was God’s doing. I always wanted to travel by plane once in life, wherever be it. And this was once great opportunity that I got, I was so happy and same time my mobile no charge, but I still managed to call most and tell the good news, and all were so happy about it, and my mom as usual told me in simple, it was expected from you. my whole life things are always like this, that God never lets me down.

The next 24 hours before the flights, even after weeks now I still remember the feeling. I had goosebumps all over, I just was so excited, I couldnt even get sleep that night! I was all smiling smiling, all night, and any one who saw me would just declare I was mad. Morning I woke up so early just like that and I am all smiling and excited! I just didnt know how to Praise God.

The whole journey on the plane was another experience, which deserves another post, but it just felt like a Glimpse of Heaven for me. The theme for conference, and my journey to it, with all last moments in my life, where just so much in sync, I was the happiest person in the whole world, when I stepped down on Mangalore soil, actually it was tar floor, but still. Just amazing.

Now what do you say again, Coincidence? I call it the beautiful God’s plan for me in life.

Praise God 🙂

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