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A friend of mine, who is independent and firm in taking decisions, who likes exploding life… helps anyone who’s in need, and who has got eternal love for parents, faith in god and value friendship. Dedicated towards his work, he enjoys his work though it bores and irritates him… always interested in doing something very new, a good and very fast learner in every field.
Any guesses who it might be?????
Hmmmm… ok let me tell you if u are still unable to find it out!!

It is non- other than Kelvin Castelino…
Yes, I had been speaking all the time till now about MY FRIEND KELVIN.
We were from the same batch, joined Wipro in Bangalore on Oct 25th 2010… though we were in the same batch, we hardly spoke many times… Initially, I never knew that kelvin was so friendly. As the time went on we became good friends I’m very happy and proud to have a friend like this.

I feel so happy today as his hard work has been recognized by many seniors in the company.The seniors, who had been working out from a long time couldn’t give their efforts as much as my friend did. In a very short time he has achieved a very good place.
His hard work has bought him a good credit and fame too…
I Wish him all the very Best and GOOD LUCK throughout May God Bless You

Kelvin, Congrats again.

Post by : Sireesha Pabbathi

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