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CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York)

Moving forward from Burn Notice and looking forward for more crime solving, action and thriller series I came across CSI:NY.
Directly from CSI: Miami, the show portrays the invesitgations of a team of New York Police Department forensic scientists and police officers, as they solve the mysterious and unusual deaths and also other crimes.

The whole season revolves around the crimes in and around New York, which are solved by the CSI team headed by, Det. Mac Taylor, with his newest partner, Det. Jo Danville, an experienced Washington DC investigator, along with his other team of Detectives, consisting of Det. Danny Messer, Det Lindsay Monroe and Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, a Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, lab specimen Adam Ross, and die hard homicise Det. Don Flack. Also includes former second-in-command Det. Stella Bonasera

CSI-New York

Mac Taylor Mac Taylor: Leader and “Boss” of the CSI team, a former Major in the Uniter States Marine Corps, who considers working for Chicago Police Department before moving into New York City. Smart to act and take decision and sees to that feelings dont over take the situation.
Jodanville Josepin Danville: Former FBI with expertise in DNA evidence. Down to Earth pearson who sees that everyone is innocnet until scientific facts and evidence proves it otherwise.
Danny Messer Danny Messer: Committed and self motivated, formulated his own set of hyrid ethics, which he follows without any flaw. innovative thinking and blending the world of Law-Breakers with the world of Law-Makers makes him work more and more to solve the mystery cases.
Lindsay Monroe Lindsay Monroe: wife of Danny Messer and mother of Lucy Messer is a sensitive person whose work etichs and enthusiasm to face any job, makes her out-of-the-box team member. Her neatness is a teaching for other colleagues and she cannot withstand anything that takes place against small girls.
Sid Hammerback Dr. Sid Hammerback: Brainy and chief Medical Examiner, is a genius when it comes to the medical division of the case. A kind, sincere and extremely perceptive, and of course takes good care of his co-workers. His role always brings a more twist to the already mysterious case.
Adam Ross Adam Ross: Trace Evidence specialist, who joins the team in reconstructing the incident that took place at the crime scene. A lab technician, who always breaks the serious discussion with his witty dialogues.
Sheldon Hawkes Dr. Sheldon Hawkes: A former medical examiner, who has been a witness to lot of cases in the emergency room, is the friend in need for all the team mates. The wide space of thinking capabilites helps him, help others in finding better results or the un-folded mysteries.
Don Flack Don Flack: The witty detective with very little amount of patience for the “bad guys”, and his own techniques, though are sometimes considered borderline, are effective. Jessica Angell a second homicide detective was his girlfriend until in one cases she passes away.
Stella Bonasera Stella Bonasera: Work alcoholic, and found sleeping in her office couch. A lady with strong personality, determination and intelligence.

The series comes out with different new crimes and different mysterious killings, which the CSI team with all its intelligence and technology. eDNA (Environmental DNA) plays a ver significant role, when detecting the material matters the most, it has got all the sample of all the matter exisitng with also different soils and all that you can think of. Also the whole CSI office is over loaded with all the technology gadgets, that solving a crimes looks more fun than a serious or boring job to do.

CSI: New York

All together, this series helps rush your adrenaline with every new episode. Didnt watch it, then you have surely missed something.

The List of Episodes

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