Day 1 @ Vagson’s Technologies

The excitement, the fear, the nervousness of the first project I would be working on, had all made me excited with fear, as to what is going to happen, how it will happen, will I be able to even open my mouth to say a word, and I guess it all just happens fine. Read on to know more.

Sir: “Give me 10 good idea’s that you’ll be able to do your project on and then we’ll talk and decide which would be the best one.”

Heheheheh!! a quite confusing start na! It just struck my mind while i thought how to start a blog! Not so good at blogging u see! You can see my post! all are more like articles and only one post! Just heard that many of them blog and this has helped them a lot in improving their vocabulary and usage of words and making of new and good friends! so i thought why not me too.

Hmmm just the other day on November 3rd Tuesday, i started off with my Project work. Now those of you wondering when did i start working that me speaking about Project Work and all let me clear you in the beginning itself that as the part of the curriculum of my BCA course i am suppose to do a project work of 4-5 months and submit it to college. So with the help of my very sweet aunt, family friend and my sis’s mom Deborah Locker helped me in finding a place to do my project work. And that is Technologies at Carstreet. Dont be wondering, Carstreet is a place in Mangalore. Now even i had not heard about this Technologies, and also i couldnt find any info on the net about it so i was very reluctant in going to it, bu then when Debbie aunty helped me out why not give a try she wouldn’t be wanting something bad or sub-standard for me!

So before i went to this place i had to make a team. Coz we are advised not to make the Project alone, one its too hectic process, second we have to also help the one’s who are not able to do everything themselves. So at the beginning i had no idea whom to choose or the project, Its quite hard you se when u have so many friends and only 2 of them u gotta choose. So i was really confused! But at the end, by the God’s i was able to choose two who were not so good friends of mine but now they are. Ahmed Nuhuman and Diluma D’Souza. So at the end i didn’t make any of my friends feel bad nor did i go to do the project alone.

Hmm now all set we had our resumes ready and even the covering letter from the college to we went to the place of meet to meet the director of the firm to give us a project work at his firm. Now this happened a month ago from this current day. Had to book and find out and keep in advance na. We had a formal chat with a small work given for the ay he agreed to give us the project work with a special and interesting news that if we working at his firm we’ll have to work Mon-Sat 8am-8pm. Now we didn’t actually have an option so we agreed for it.

And few days later after our mind-blogging exam we approached them again and we were invited to start our project work November 3rd Tuesday 8am. So all set again with enjoying a few days of holidays we arrived at the place half-an-hour early to make things clear about the place and all. We had never been to the office before so.


The employees started coming and after some time the Director who appointed us also came. We were made to sit in the lounge (it was actually a small room with all the computer boxes stacked at one place and Two-Three Cushioned Chairs and fan where we were made to sit). We greeted each other formally and at this moment we heard the director say the dialog mentioned at the beginning.

“Give me 10 good idea’s that you’ll be able to do your project on and then we’ll talk and decide which would be the best one.”

Now we were actually in a fix. We thought they would give us some project and we could start working on it, and here he asks us to think not one not two but 10. So with all the head scratching and dumb discussions after 2 hours we came up with some what 10 ideas

They were as follows:
1. Online booking for hotel which has got features like E-mail and SMS alerts, tour bookings, online payment etc.
2. Time table generator which has got features of g and Drop options and also to put special conditions.
3. Desktop software for Courier Service.
4. Savings Bank Account manager for a Bank.
5. Hospital Management Software with Doctor time scheduler.
6. Social Networking Website :):):)
7. Software for a Pharmacy.
8. Inventory Management system.
9. Vehicle Service Station Management System.
10. Supermarket Billing System.

I know by reading them itself you may laugh until u fall down. Hmmmm but then when we called him he asked us to Present it on a board. now we were stunned, coz for first we never expected something like this nor were we prepared too. We asked for a few minutes and just had a small and a very high speed discussion and we were ready again with me presenting four ideas and the my other two team mates presenting 2 each.

Now some ideas were good and the sir (I’ll cal him sir instead of Director of Tech) Its kinda easier and shorter too. After our presentation and rejecting as many as 6 we were left with 4 plans. Now we were asked to come out with Action Plans for all the four. Actually now even we didn’t have a clear idea about what Action Plan is, but as far of what Sir explained in brief we understood that we need to present what’s our next step going to be if we are taking any of the one Project.

We started again with some dumb ideas again me speaking the most and they just nodding their heads. We were then asked when we would like to take our Lunch break and we suggested we’ll take it from 1pm.

Now by 12:30pm sir left for lunch and basically we had no one to bother us much so we sat in idle and after some time left for lunch. We didn’t know much about the place so we asked for some suggestions with the Watchman of the building we were working in. He suggested 2 hotels one Non-veg the nearby one and the other Veg a bit farther one. We decided to go for the nearby one and also Diluma had planned to go bak to the hostel coz she stays in Hostel. SO we had a plate of Chicken Biryani and came back.


We came back from lunch and since Sir was still not to be seen we just sat idle without anyone bothering us. I also had a small nap for about half-an-hour. And after 3pm sir was back. Where we again started our work of discussion. By then we also had finished and were ready to present. We just had mentioned that we’ll go and meet people who work in the various firms for which we would be doing the project and also we’ll see if there any other software already exists. He was kinda not so happy about it coz when he meant Action Plan he meant what we were actually gonna do in exact step by step instruction. Who we were gonna meet for every project. Their names and occupation. What question’s we would be asking. What conclusion we would come upto after meeting them and etc. We then starte a bit serious discussions and by 4:30PM we were able to present again some of my relatives and neighbors names. :). And he actually liked it. And atlast we were allowed into the inner part of the office. We were each one given a highly-configured system to work on. We were like wow atlast we did something for a day. We were given E-book and Softwares to try and Learn and Microsoft Database.

We learned a little bit for that day till 8pm. but at the end of the day though we were suffering from sever headache we actually learned so much. And also personally realized that if you believe in God and take everything Positively in Life you got nothing to worry coz everything’s going to be fine and best for you. All you got to do is have faith in God.

Though today is the 3rd day of my work i just started blogging down, so those who are interested in following my blogs i’ll try to cope up as soon as possible okie. you cant actually expect me to sit and type after i sit 10hours in front of a PC right. Though i have spent an hour to write his down:). And if you have read this all, thank you for actually trying to know me a little better.

Bye-Bye. Pray for me and my team for the Project work without fail k. God Bless:)

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