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Day 5 @ Vagson’s Technologies

Its Day 5 people with the same goal of completing the book and other goals attached now. Pray that by today i finish it re.

Day 5 started the same way as the other days, and me having the same error from Day 4! Since i had no clue what to do and other were busy i started helping my team mates one by one. Then later the director of the firm came, he too tried his best, didn’t work. So then he gave me the best suggestion i had never expected from a Software developing firm’s director say.

Just Google the error you may find the solution. we always do that, so u also do the same. And i also did the same and Eureka i did find the solution and mistake. It was computer name’s mistake which had a apostrophe in its name which gave all the errors.

Had my lunch and tea break as usual and was fully involved with the work coz my goal and aim were still bothering me, and at one after some time, something happened again which i had never expected.I finished reading the book and also finishing the Dork-nozzle project of the book. Yipee!! Three cheers for u guys coz it was ur prayers that helped me complete this project actually. My joy had no bounds at that moments but couldn’t help it i couldn’t let my Joy control me in the Office.

Was very happy at the end of the 5th Day coz it was also also an Saturday with one b’day party i had to attend. I moved out the Office all smiling and my other team mates all jealous:).
And nevertheless i learnt on this day that God blesses u unexpectedly with blessings you cant count.

I was very happy and also the Director had told that we would be getting our project topic on Monday. What more better news you would want than this if someone was in my place?

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