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Day 6 @ Vagson’s Technologies

After a nice weekend and a so called holiday we were all back to work on time. First time me working like this na. Never had realized how working days could be. But nevertheless we had something special coming up today. And i guess u must be already knowing what i am speaking about. Ya we would be knowing on what topic our project work is going to be based on. As usual we sat on our systems and were just waiting when would sir call us for the meeting to discuss on this and give us the good news.

Atlast about 10am after a very long duration for us, he called us for the meeting. We all went very excited we just sat and sir just burst open our surprise. We would be working on “_______ _______ _______” Software. Now what the blank is only we and some other of my friends know but not all. So let that be a secret until i finish our project work and when the software is ready you will surely know.

Now we didn’t know we had to be happy or sad, cheer out loudly or start banging our heads, coz the next part that followed it was not at all so wonderful. We had to start working on it right away. We were supposed to come out with the exact action plan by that day evening with all the dates, times, people we would meet, things we would do, etc. and etc.

Now we were not those one’s who sat in the same year for 2-3 years that we knew what exactly had to be done. We really had no idea what to do. But since he had asked us we needed to have the action plan by evening. We started listing out what should be done, whom should we meet, who and all we know that we could meet, what questions we would be asking when we met them etc. & etc. A the beginning it was kinda easy coz we jotted down all the basic things everywhere and when it came to the later stages we were really banging and scratching our heads coz nothing was flashing in our dumb brains.

But the by evening we had some written stuff in our hands and he was impressed, though we didn’t have the dates and time of when we would meet the users.

Now the work on field started. We had to get in contact with as many people we knew who would be able to help us in the project, try to get as much information from them. so that we would understand what are the user’s problem’s n to find a solution which can be created on the computer.
Sounds simple right. But gathering information itself was not such an easy task, forget the rest part of the project.

We tried our best to find out who we knew and at the end came out with some list and some questions that we presented to the sir. he was a bit happy about our struggles. Told us to continue and to add some more people. We worked till 8pm as usual that day and ended our 6th Day at Vagson’s Technologies.

And this day we learnt that God gives us a message everyday in a different style every time. Praise God. 🙂

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