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Death Race 2

Recently, when I have no much work to do at home, and not so active to play games or go for “gym”, after a tiring work of sitting in front of the computer whole day on a relaxed cushion chair, browsing all the sites possible, I stick on to watching movies and TV-series! And when I like the one’s I watch, then surely I dont miss to post a review about it! My way of supporting and publicizing the movie!

So two-three days back, I was hooked up watching Death Race 2. For those of you who have not watched Death Race, the first part, you wouldnt understand much whats happening in the Part 2! So before yo u read the review of Death Race 2, go and see the part one! Coz its something you dont want to miss!

Some summary type of Death Race (part 1), in future time i.e., 2012, US faces a financial crisis, unemployment and crimes take a sky-rise, and the government faces to hand over the Prisons to outsiders! The Prisons, are owned and managed by Private Corporations! The inmates are tried to corrected or just suffered according to the Private Owner! The rights of releasing an inmate also lies in the hands of the owner! So one such company, plays their role in a different way! It uses the inmates play in a game, where the loser dies, and the winner is released! And the company owner earns by posting the live video online and gets payed per viewer!

So much for Death Race (Part 1), and in Death Race 2,

Death Race 2

the time again is 2012, so nothing much of change!
The movie starts of with a robbery at a bank, with a getaway driver, Carl Luke aka Lucas (Luke Goss), who gets arrested, coz the robbery goes wrong, when his accomplices, dont heed his warning of aborting the mission since some cops just enter the bank casually, without their knowledge! In the chaos to stop the mission, Luke kills one of the cop, to finish Markus Kane, his crime boss, wish. Eventually Lucas, is arrested and sent to Terminal Island to serve his time there!

Terminal Island prison is under The Weyland Corporation, which is famous for Death Match. Two inmates are thrown in the ring, to fight each other until one kills the other! The fighters are provided with dangerous weapons and defense items in between the fight, to make the match interesting for the viewers! Lucas meets the inmates and makes some quick friends who then end up to be his pit crew in the Death Race!

Death Race 2 - Poster

The Weyland Corporation doesnt do much of a profit by these matches and sometimes even goes in for a loss. The host and the person behind this matches, is September Jones, a former Miss Universe, who lost her crown, due to allegations of having sexual relationship with all of its judges! The host tries to put Luke into the fight but in vain, but then she plays a little rough, by throwing Lists (a friend inmate of Luke, who is not a fighter type). Luke tries to save him, by taking the fight over him! In this time, he is joined by Katrina Banks (Tanit Phoenix), who is woman convict, who are called in as cheer leaders for the match. She helps Lucas by hitting the opposite fighter from outside the ring with a hard object!

Here Markus is worried that Luke will share the info about him and his crimes as confession,puts a bounty of $1 million on Luke head, and convinces some of the inmates of the prison to Silence him forever.

Since the financial loss, and no profit for these matches, September comes up with an idea, which was used before, a Death Race! The inmates are provided with a self designed car with ammunition and defense bars! It also provides an female convict as a route map guide! The drivers have to kill others to win the race, and 5 race winners will get released from the prison.
Luke joins the race, with his pit crew, and gets Katrina as her partner in driving!

The race starts with two consecutive wins by Luke, but ends up in car crash in the third race, and everyone believes that he is dead. But in reality, he survives with entensive burns all over him, where the host sees that he is kept alive and ready for the new race. She gets a new idea of covering up his identity by a mask, of ‘Frankenstein’, who is a racer from the old movie, who has the highest fans all over!

On the other side, Lucas new Triad friends arranges to Kill Markus, and Lists kills Rocco, a pit crew member who tried killing Lucas by re-fixing his car. The new race starts, and Frankenstein to everyone’s amazement, kills September by running over with his car, leaving some ‘fate’s’ unresolved.

The poor part of this movie is, the whole movie is more over a remake of the first part with nothing new, than the starting of the movie which is nothing new! The screen shots, the editing, the direction and the stunts, are nothing to be compared to Part One! Personally I like part one than the new one! The race circuit, the car, the idea, the play, everything is same as before! But replacement of Jason Statham, is not the right choice!

But if your looking for some time to pass, then you can surely watch this! And if you have not watched the part one, this one will just let you down, for your perception about Death Race.

Death Race 2

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