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Dirty politics by insane Indian politicians

I have lost all the respect towards them. In their dirty games, many Indians have lost their lives from years together. It is not their fault. Every Indian is so engrossed in their work. It is true we need to be. But sometimes i feel it’s too much.

How long can we tolerate these Black Day’s in our country? Anna Hazare, with all due respect tried to work for our nation. No one could be trusted. But he did try to shake our parliament. One person can’t make a difference, we all need to work for the development of our country.

Why do we need to pay the taxes to the government? People work in call center’s, IT companies and many other MNC’s, open 24/7 to support themselves and their family. The so called politician’s, ask us to pay the fixed percentage from the salary as tax for the welfare of our country. Is it a picture they are trying us to perceive which hardly could be seen in their work. They set up the budgets for railways and other. Where is the money going? The roads are filled with pot holes, high ways are built but there is no place for the pedestrians to walk. Fly overs are constructed, but we don’t know when it’s going to be completed. Mangalore is the best city for the work of politicians to be seen. Every year, various bills are passed as it is informed in the media. But hardly reaches the spot of work. There is always a clash b/w the central and state government.

In contrary, we see best of best roads are constructed for the politicians. Best of best facilities, securities for the politicians family. They are involved in multi crore scams, sex scandals, crimes, trafficking, evaded from tax , swiss accounts, 2G scam, CWG scam etc. Whom are they accountable to? Are the rules in various acts or constitution laid for the citizens. Phew, this is unbearable.

Why there is discrimination between the citizens and the politicians? Aren’t they human beings created by God, just like you and me? When we earn for our work, why can’t they follow what they are asked to be done? Why do they fill their pockets and see to that their generation is secure? Even animals take care of their flock. But the politicans have lost all their values towards their other brothers and sisters. They only know to divide the citizens in the name of gender, religion, class.

So many riots have occurred in Mangalore such as pub attacks, fights b/w people in the name of caste. How far could they be shameless to win the votes? These are some of the means they are using these days to win the support of people. We have the right to vote from the age of 18, but we are been fooled to identify the right person. Why do we need to vote when nothing is happening?

Let us not have any government when they don’t know how to manage themselves.
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My classmate and good friend of mine, who was ready to share this post with me.
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