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When was the last time, you took some time to give a thought on what you are actually talented in and what you are actually working as? Have you regretted for choosing a wrong path in life, and been suffering and cribbing ever since? Was your teaching mainly focused just on getting the highest payed job, which in turn made you richer and more depressed person in life too? Would you have been more happier if you could have an option to figure out your ‘Genius’ in you, and take the right path for life!

uAchieveIt has actually made this dream come true for India, through Mera Genius Application, where in with just a few scientific proven psychometric tests will help you figure out your genius in you! Its heard that these tests have already been used by citizens and government institutions around the world and also slowly even being accepted by Indians too!

According to MeraGenius, currently India’s Genius Meter in talents tops up with Visual Observation, Imagination and Problem Solving also Indians enjoy careers where they can be Curious, Creative and Helpful ( Now thats what even I am proud of and will agree with them).

The tests are very simple and objective, which doesnt need high skills to answer and can be finished in a quicky! And the results will be shown to you right away with whats your talent! You dont need to install any software for this, coz this is more of an online assessment (test) and hey thats not all, it also helps you suggesting the types of Careers and also the actual careers in hand! Also it suggests the colleges which offer the course to specialize in the suggested careers! Currently their database doesnt contain colleges of places all over, but they have promised to update it asap! Its currently recommended only for anybody who is just above 14 years!

Vinay Pathare (CEO), Kalindi Pathare (Director), Derick Dsouza (CTO) and Siddhant Mehta (Creative Director), team MeraGenius together have made this to come into action, which has already started helping a lot of citizens already!

I checked out my genius and got it as Creative and Helpful with talents of Imagination, Visual Observation and Problem Solving! Now have you checked your Genius? If you have do share it else go ahead right away @ ! Do make it a point to share this good technology innovation to your friends and relatives so they too benefit from this initiative!

NOTE: The site is allowing Free Entries till February 19th, 2012! Dont miss this best chance wherein otherwise you will have to pay a small amount to use this unique feature!

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