Earn Online Through Twitter – Sponsored Tweets

Yes you heard me right, continuing from my old post about Earn Online, I am happy to tell you that yes your can earn online without paying anything or spending much time, or knowing any hi5 web code or softwares.

IZEA has come out with Sponsored Tweets, a pay per tweet service. Yes all it takes about is having some minimum followers for your twitter account, a slight setting up of your account, taking up the opportunities and your all set to make some quick bucks without any hassle or extra effort and its totally FREE!!

How it works?
You join twitter, and get some followers for your profile. Start being a regular Tweeter, and now you set up your Sponsored Tweet Account.
When you set up your account, you link it with your twitter account, set your charge per tweet, charge per click, ad unit type, content rating, category, ad keywords you would like to share, your some personal details and your done.( I know a little confusing, but you will understand it while setting up coz it provides small help pop-up’s with examples)

Based on your preferences it provides you with opportunities which you have the option to take it or not, just set the way the tweet it must display and you have already started earning 🙂
You will get the display of your checks, balances and transactions as and when you want.

For Ad Publishers, the platform provides an easy and amazing deals, for its ad to reach the market it looks for.

Setting the max, cost per tweet, min followers, rank, account age, followers ratio, content rating, it will provide this ad for tweeting to the users based on your requests. It also gives an extra insight into members and campaigns.

So you could either still sit thinking if you should go for it, or already made quick bucks by now. Sponsored Tweets

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