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Many a times in life people like me will have internet, will know to use computer and would also like to earn something without much hard work. I know its hard to agree sometimes, but its quite true.
We google so many times, on how to earn online, how to make money through our websites, which are also not our own sometimes.

I have here some of the links that i found out that may help you, and may save your time in searching. I’ll be honest, by saying that, if you click some of these links and join them i’ll earn some cents, but after all i am also saving your time of searching good websites which pay you without you paying anything to them. So help me also when i help you ok.

If you have a cell phone and would not mind getting ads on your cell phone(3 max/day) here’s a website which will help you out by paying Rs. 0.50 per ad.
You can click any one of the link above and do it.

If you are ready to click some 3 to 4 ads online per day or view an E-mail ad, then these website links will help you out.

If you have some websites where you will be able to place some ads and make money then, these will help you out there,
Get Chitika | Premium

If you want to earn some traffic for your websites without any hard work, but by just keeping an website on as much as possible, then here’s the links

There are some more, which i’ll post here soon. Till then chao:)

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