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Its the last day of the designer and developer, when they stop updating their built-in memory database with the latest technology, standards, trends and so on. But problem arises which are the best site’s to read and refer. A google search ends up with 2 million site results, and you don’t want to browsing every site to find the best, so I have done
that for you, that definitely you wouldn’t think twice to bookmark it for a daily read.

A site that exclusively features tips, tricks and tutorials for designers, bloggers, developers, techies, and tech readers.

2. A List Apart
A List Apart
A Online Magazine specially for the people who make websites. The site explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

3.Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine
A collection of exuberant, simple to understand web articles for Professional Web Designers & Developers. You will be exposed to every nook and corner required in a excellent website construction.

4.24 Ways
“advent calendar for web geeks” is how it describes itself, and I would say you could read it all other seasons to, coz it has the best authors writing the best articles in the advent season i.e., 24 days before Christmas.

siteInspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design. The site has around 3000+ designs that should burst your imagination into new areas it had never ventured.
Lets me understand that if you reading this article you will be definitely knowing what is CSS3, if nto no problem, this site should be your guide, in exploring the deep hidden secrets of CSS3.

7. CSS-Tricks
Chris Coyer is here to prove that anything is possible with CSS, almost everything. No I am not lying or exaggerating, but this site should keep you mesmerized to know yes you can definitely create a lot with just CSS.

8. Inspired Mag
Inspired MAG
A blog that collectively shares everything about Web Design and how it inspires the real world.

9. Site Sketch 101
Site Sketch 101
For first you might just wonder what does this name mean, what is 101, what is sketching to do with Web Design. I shall let Nicholas Cardot, the site-owner explain to you about this, while you browse through the articles in this site, where it focuses on beautifying the web through design and development, and also it touches on the other aspects related to it.

Jonathan Snook, started a site where he was inclined in sharing the beautiful world of Web Development, the hidden Tips and Tricks of it, that shall make your work much much easier.

11. codrops
Now once when you are done learning about CSS, how would CSS, CSS3 and jQuery together would be like. A collection on tutorials with demo of best of the best techniques that you could use for your web design and development. The site will just keep you glued in just seeing and trying out all the demo’s.

12. Design Inspiration
Design Inspiration
Who said beautiful designs cant set an Impression forever. If someone did, show them this site, which has an infinite number of beautiful collection of designs that should help you be inspired in bringing out something new to the web world.

13. Web Design Ledger
Web Design Ledger
A collection of article on Web Design of Tutorials and Inspiration for all Designer and Developers to bring out something better to the world.

14. Digital Inspiration
Digital Inspiration
Amit Agarwal a personal technology columnist, has a collection of articles showcased on the newest technology in town, the tips on how to use it in the optimal way and a lot of How-To’s which helps even the young one’s in the world of web.

15. Tuts+
Be it Photoshop, Web Design, WordPress, Gaming, Craft, it has a specific tutorial for all, which explains to yuu in the simplest language with as many images and step-by-step guide’s to achieve what you have been desiring of.

16. Web Designer Wall
Web Designer Wall
A wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials. I dont think you would miss any article that is related to Web Design in the Nick La‘s blog here.

17. Web Designer Depot
Web Designer Depot
A one-stop for all designers and developers to know whats new in town. It consolidates articles on hot topics such as responsive design, usability, typography, freelancing and much more.

18. Specky Boy
Specky Boy
The online magazine was launched in 2007, offers insightful tutorials, time-saving techniques, fresh and useful resources and inspirational art, covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising, mobile development and the list just keeps going on.

19. Net Magazine
.net Magazine
Launched in 1994, this magazine serves world of Web Designer and Developers with the latest news of the Web World. Be it technology, coding, tricks, tips, social marketing all related, and all useful content for all.

20. Abduzeedo
Inspirational posts on designs and tutorials, founded in 2006, that has simple and sweet articles on Photoshop Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorials, Pixelmator, Fireworks, and web design tutorials.

20 in all, I could list down especially for you. Feel free to share the one’s you think I have missed in the comment section below. Lets create a beautiful web world together. 🙂

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