Now what do you have in mind when you read the title? Every Indian without doubt knows what a three-wheeler is? Have traveled at-least once in life, and the experience was worth sharing.
From the north to the south, east to west, there wouldn’t be a state where there is not three wheeler. And what do we call it? Yes its the Auto rickshaw. In some place we have cycle rickshaw, Tonga Gaddi (Horse Cart) so on to replace the auto rickshaw.

Now for daily commuters to work, school or to go for shopping, traveling in a auto rickshaw wouldn’t be a new thing. But exploring places, going trekking or going to the beach, through the jungles and also the plains, palaces, temples, churches and mosques, wouldn’t that be something new and adventurous? And when you are driving it yourself to the place, I know you got your adrenaline rushing right as you read it.

The Rickshaw Challenge

It all started in 2006, when Event Management Services in Chennai came up with a Rickshaw Challenge, a route from Chennai to Kanyakumari, which is now termed as Classic Run Track, cruising at 60kmph on the ultimate 3-wheeler of India was one of a kind Challenge any would have heard of. You would be a team of 2-3 in a rickshaw, given the basic route map coz you got to explore the place asking the locals, reach the destination first. Yes, yes its the Amazing Race of India you could say so.

The Challenge is not just for one route, but has different Trips Set.
Tamilnadu Run
Classic Run
Malabar Rampage
Deccan Odyssey
Mumbai Xpress

There are packages for 2/3 people, which includes, Hotel Packages, Luggage Truck, Service Car, Driving Lessons, Survival Kit, Rally Gear, School Visits, Small Groups, Parties, Media Coverage, Rewards.

Now riding the ordinary wouldnt sound good for a bunch of folks like me, so you can always ‘Pimp My Shaw‘.
New Tire’s, Horn, Stylish Seats, Spoiler, Graphic Paints, Artistic Touch, Custom upholstery, DVD & MP3 Players, Sound System, and the list goes on as wild as your imagination.

Yes the rates are applicable accordingly, but do check the gallery and you would say why not.

And its not only about the travel and fun, but the funds raised and profit is funded to the less fortunate in providing education, food and shelter with Round Table India.

Now I dont know what are you still waiting for, I am already set to make a team to go for this challenge. The up coming trips are, listed here.

The Rickshaw Challenge
Pimp My Shaw
Chennai Event Management Services
Image Credits : The Rickshaw Challenge

The other Challenges
The Caucasian Challenge
Central Asia Rally

Ready to join in?

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