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Family Sandwich

I am sure you have played Musical Chairs, so here a slight modified game which is also more fun!
Can be played outdoor or indoor, but you need a group of enthusiastic people!

Let me get straight to the game.

So get the group of people standing in a circle! The count of how many are there odd or even, separate them into groups of 3 or 4 respectively.
Now if there is mixture in group like both male and female, and you think they’re not so comfortable in sitting on each other type, make the groups of boys separate, girls separate.

Ok now give a role to every person in the group, one will be father, second mother, third and fourth son and daughter respectively.

So let they stand in a circle again around a set of chairs

Now unlike Musical chairs, here we keep the number of chairs equal to the number of groups formed, but criss cross as the musical chair.

We play the music, and make all of them dance and move in a circle. Music stop, the host calls out the order of the family, it can either be mother-father-daughter-son or son-mother-daughter-father or so on. The group has to sit accordingly on top of each other starting from the first name called at the bottom to the last name called on the top.

The group which doesnt sit accordingly or sits the last is terminated, and the number of groups terminated, that many chairs also gets removed.

Now id group is big and the volunteers cant remember who’s who, make small paper badges of each role, so you can easily judge if they have sat accordingly.
You could also change the words to Bread, Butter, Jam and Cheese, and call the game Human Sandwich.

Have fun !! 🙂

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Surely will try for the next family outing!! Nice and improvised “Musical Chairs”! 😉

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