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Fringe (TV Series)

The urge to see new sci-fi series never dies down, once it has started! The technology, the presentation of real world reality, the short complicated mystery, the side love and romance, the little humor, the seriousness to solve the case, and new and exciting mystery everyday, cannot stop me from watching a new episode every day!

After some fights, and crime-catching, I also side by side switched to a little more “fringe” science.

The term at first never made me any sense, but when I just saw the first episode, I was sure, I will not stop watching it.

J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, have created this series with a new flavor of series, for which guys like me, just get hooked on to the screen! (I remember one of the episodes, where the victim, gets hypnotized to the screen, and at last his head blasts). I know sounds, a little scary and gross, but when a scientific explanation is given, and is proved that it can be done, who doesn’t want to watch it.


The series is of a FBI “Fringe” Division, mainly based in Boston, Massachusetts. The crimes and cases are more likely related to Parallel Universe (I know sounds weird) and also a next stage of X-Files, Twilight, and some 100 stages high of our CID.

The cast and the crew, as displayed in the pic, are,
Fringe Cast

Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth), Blair Brown (Nina Sharp), Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), and producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner.

Agent Olivia Dunham the main character of the series, along with Dr. Walter Bishop solves all the twisted, technologically forward, scientifically evolved, mysterious and unseen and unimaginable cases, along with Peter Bishop, Walter’s son, and Lab Assistant Astrid Farnsworth, with Phillip Broyles, the director of the force, and Nina Sharp the Chief Operating Officer of Massive Dynamic and a partner of William Bell, Walter Bishop’s former lab partner.

I love the explanation Walter Bishop gives for every unexpected and unimagined cases, that it is possible, and the best part he has already worked on it.

Walter Bishop and William Bell had worked on number of classified experiments, in Harvard University Lab. Walter Bishop ended up a mentally abnormal and ended up struggling in the mental institution and William Bell started Massive Dynamic, a leading firm in science and technology research.

Fringe All the incidents take place coz of one mistake or I can say one small thing done by Walter Bishop, just to save a life, ended up causing the whole world to face different chaotic scientific incidents, in which lot of people had to suffer and die. And contradictorily the solution to these events is found by Dr. Walter Bishop itself.

The series always keeps me wanting to see more, thought the whole things is entertainment, and just like a fairy tale, the way it is presented, you feel you can never prove them wrong, the scientific terms, and experiments shown, you just have to take a back seat, and just shut your mouth with a mouthful of popcorn and jut enjoy the series!

If you are the one, who is looking for something similar, what you waiting for, start watching the series, already Season 3 is nearing to end.

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