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Google+ is here, so the Fight begins

After a very long time of ruling of Facebook, Google has thought enough is enough and has come out with Google+. The new in-thing in social networking.
After the very long wait, Google has finally unveiled the company’s top secret social networking application, but only to some.

Google states that the main intention of this platform is to connect people in a new way, increase the relationship among humans throughout the world (Lets see how much it keeps up to its word).

The main features it provides are,


+Circles: It provides the user, to create a circle of people (Groups in Facebook) who can share the likes on each other. So this way the like minded people are together, celebrating the joy of sharing.

+Sparks: You love, humor or technology, want to be updated of recent happening in a country or want to know the latest release in the screen world, Google+ offers you a new feature, which will get all the related content you are searching for under one topic. So you get articles, photos and videos under one roof, (pretty much similar to Facebook Fan Page).

+Hangouts: Want to Hangout with the selected circle of people while you online on the different time of the day or week. You got it. Unlike basic chat option, you can just appear to be available for a conversation with the “selected” people. So no more awkward or disturbing interruption while your having a chat with “the person”. (Facebook, you should have thought about this)

+Mobile: Be on the World Wide Web 24*7, even when you’re on the move. The platform gives you the feature of
+Location Updated your location in every post you make, so if some friend of yours is passing by, you never know, you might end up having a scoop of ice cream together.
+Instant Upload Upload the snaps while you are on the move. See it. Like it. Click it. Share it.
+Huddle Heard about instant messaging in social platform. Yes, its another feature, which helps you keep update the circle of friends about whats happening right now.

The bad part, Google has started of with the platform only by inviting some people, for them to check out, and recent update is that they got an option of inviting their friends. More like how Google Wave, Gmail and many more came into existence. Lets hope that it doesnt die out like Google Wave then. I just want to know if Orkut is kicked out or still there.Mark Zuckerberg you are reading this right?? 🙂

So if you got you invite, what you waiting for, Go Google+

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