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Hangover II

The wolfpack is back in action with a new turn of events, a 102 minutes of comedy, a set of new freak out’s of a bachelor party. Todd Phillips along with Warner Bros came out with the second sequence of Hangover.

Hangover 2

In The Hangover (Part 1) Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Dr. Stuart Price, Stu (Ed Helms), Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) & Doug Billings (Justin Bartha) end up celebrating Doug’s Bachelor Party in Vegas, and they end up doing things so much that in the contrary the next morning they dont remember a thing about it, and they also loose Dough.

The plot of this movie starts with Stu getting married this time, and being very adamant of not celebrating Bachelor party. So with all things set and finalize, all friends join Stu to go to Thailand for the marriage celebration of Stu and Lauren (Jamie Chung). Night before the marriage, the friends plan to have a drink and roast marshmallows together as a small party on the sea shore, only to find themselves wake up in Bangkok in a dirty hotel room, and Lauren’s brother who was with them is missing, and only thing they have is his broken finger with them. After sometime they end up finding Chow in the room. Now who Chow is, you will have to see The Hangover one. And hence they continue their flash back journey to find themselves causing a lot of trouble and problems everywhere.

The story more of follows the first part of the movie, but with little changes here and there. The critics of the movie came to highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time, and I agree with it. But the movie does keep you rolling on the floor with humor scenes and dialogs back to back. The hollywood movie has already hit the box office with a whooping $ 581, 464, 305. Also we have Mike Tyson singing “One Night in Bangkok” as a icing on the cake of the movie.

Hangover 2 Banner

The news is also out that the third part of the movie is also planned, but the whole scenario is promised to be very different from the two already released. A must watch for all, but with parental guidance and certainly not for below 16 years.

Funny Hangover 2

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