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How to Create Drop-Down Menu without JavaScript

I have always come through so many of them, who wanted a menu to their site, a nice drop down menu, which will help them, provide their readers and visitors and better way to navigate in their websites. But with all of the too much of coding and stuff, it was always a chaos, that many just lost hope in even trying about.

Drop Down Menu, with changing color and Navigation, without JavaScript, is it even possible?

Yes it is, and its simple. Just few steps.

Menu without JavaScript
Menu without JavaScript

First download this file

Now open it in any browser, and just see if this is the same one you looking for?

If yes continue, if no, then leave a comment, so that I can help you out with what you looking for.

Now if you are happy with the colors and fonts etc, then you can copy the same code and styles to your site, and position it where you wish.

But if you want to customize it, Try it yourself ยป

Ok now you got some online help from W3Schools here. Ok, open the downloaded file in notepad, copy the code and paste it under, Edit and Click Me column, and click the button.

So you got the menu there, start editing the colors and fonts and sizes, and then use it for your website.

Also you can use Firebug tool, which helps you find the color and the style used for every element, do the similar changes in your code, and use it for your site.

Any issues or problems, do get back to me through comments, so that I can help you out.

Have fun with Web

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