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How to create PDF with Microsoft Office 2007 or Open Office

We always try to figure out various ways of how to create our doc’s as PDF. We first try to google some keywords, and try to download all possible crap softwares, which end not even converting, but asking for monetary registration.

We otherwise try for online converters, where we sometimes end up filling long registration forms, sometimes, not even knowing where our confidential data will saved in their servers, will it be misplaced or misused.

Too much of chaos, too much of tension, and the best part is we always forget the simple solution that already sometimes exists in our systems.

Microsoft Office Logo
openoffice logo

Yes you heard me right.

Now if you have Microsoft Office 2007 installed in your system, then its just the thing you need to create pdf’s. You can either create a new document to be saved as PDF or else you can open an already existing document to be saved as PDF.

All you have to do is, instead of clicking “SAVE” go to “SAVE AS“, and you will find a option as “PDF or XPS“.
Thats it save as, and finish, you got yourself a PDF created without any hassle.

Now if you dont have or dont like Microsoft products, no worries at all, you got open source (which also means free software), Open Office, that you could download, and install in your system.

You can create documents as regular as in Microsoft, and then to go to File->Export as PDF.

Now isnt that simple and easy. Use the resources you have to the most. Keep reading.
Any issues get back to me as comments or my contact page. Thank you 🙂

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