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How to report Facebook of deceased person?

It feels sad, while your dear friend or relatives profile who has been deceased, his/her profile still being commented on by people who do not know about it.
Or you just want to delete the person’s account, but you dont know the credentials.

It was always a question for many of how to report about the deceased person to Facebook?

Facebook is of the people, by the people and for the people! And Facebook gives you a solution for this too.

Facebook Deceased Page

All you have to this fill this form and also you got to attach the death certificate, or soft copy of the ad that appeared on the newspaper or article, regarding the death of the person you reporting. IT will take some time, but Facebook will act on it ASAP.

Do share the information, so it will be of use to someone or the other.

May all the souls of deceased Rest in Peace.

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