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How to Take Care of your Notebook/Laptop

We recommend you to check the electrical power condition of the switch where you plan to install the Notebook. Earthing needs to be 0-5 volts. This is required to take care of your notebook .

While placing the notebook in the bag take care NOT to put any weight on the LCD. Physical damage does not cover under warranty.

Get a good antivirus installed so that you protect your data and software.

Before shutting down the computer/ notebook, close all programs and then shut down.

During the start and end of monsoons and when not in use remember to unplug the main cable going to the electrical socket and telephone lines in order to avoid any power surge due to lightning.

When you can spare sometime do a disk cleanup by following these steps:
Go to Start? programs?Accessories? System Tools ?Disk Cleanup. This will improve the health of the hard drive. Try doing it about once every three months.

Do not save any of your data on C drive or My Documents or Desktop. Instead make folders in D, E or F depending on the partitions made and save data in these partitions.

Take regular backup of important data to avoid panic situations in case of corruption of software.

Get a regular virus scan updated on a daily or weekly basis to avoid attack of virus and corruption of the data.

Be careful while you browse on the internet. Do not get tempted to download freeware as these would also come with added problems of unknown virus.

Keep your notebook / free from dust. Avoid brushing hair, use of powder near the notebook. This would clog the CPU fan and lead to heating of the processor. Also avoid eating near the notebook as it attracts ants which can enter the notebook and the hard drive and damage the circuits.

Do not put weight on the TFT as this will result in the TFT getting cracked and damaged and will not be covered under warranty or physical damage.

You can increase the life of your battery by charging it fully and using it on battery mode. Avoid using the laptop connected to the mains all the time.

Do not use any detergent to clean the TFTscreen . Use a soft cloth and wipe gently and use a soft brush to dust the keys.

U can extend your warranty for the next 2 years by purchasing a extension pack within 90 days of initial purchase.

We need your support in eradicating software piracy and request you to use original Microsoft windows on your PC/ notebook.

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