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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Its always hard to debug and test webpages in IE compared to other browsers, and comparatively, IE is the one big pain in the ass browser for all developers since, thats the one which has all the possible restrictions and special methods of displaying a simple web page, and thus making your webpage more attractive and user friendly a mere to impossible task, and to add salt to the wound, majority of the users in the world still are sticking on to ie6 or ie7, the so called ‘Dead Browsers’ by the web developers team.

After giving such a sweet introduction about IE here’s a good news for all the developers. Check this out, Microsoft has come out with its own, Developer Toolbar, for IE and that to for FREE. Sounds unbelievable right, but its true.

Here’s a small screen shot.

It helps out in,
Locating the specific elements on a Web page with different techniques
View and validate HTML, the link paths, CSS, WAI and RSS web feed links.
Outline the tables, tags, cells and so on.
Resize the browser to a new resolution, clear the cookies and cache.
And it just goes on.

You need, Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003 as its OS requirement.

Just download, Install and restart the browser, and click F12 or go to View->Explorer Bars-> IE Development Toolbar, to display or hide this toolbar.

So what are you waiting for, download here, install and start using it.

Adios Developers 🙂

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