Kel-Logs Tricks for Christmas

Its Christmas Time
Here are some great wonderful tricks for you for this season!

Trick 1:
Snowing on Google
Go to, type ‘let it snow’ without quotes and press enter, and see the snow effect on your screen!
Your screen will frost, and before you click on Defrost to clear the screen, just skate around the screen with your mouse pointer, or write your name on the screen!

Trick 2:
Go to, search for askew, and just see the effect. I dare you not to tilt your head for it!

Trick 3:
Trick for the nerds
Go to, try searching for ‘recursion’.
No matter how many times you going to check the spelling and the word, Google will ask you, ‘did you mean recursion?’
Search for ‘Anagram’ and you will have a message saying, ‘Did you mean: Nag A Ram’

Trick 4:
Pacman on Google
Go to this time!
Wait for it to load, and you can start playing pacman on Google!

Trick 5:
Go to now!
Wait to let it load, and in the left side bard, expand all the drop downs!
Then use your Keyboard keys: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a
A ninja will pop out onto your screen

Trick 6:
Flight Simulator
You got to have Google Earth software with you, launch the application
Click on Tools>Enter Flight Simulator
Now you can fly around the earth! Bon Voyage

Trick 7:
Get Time
Go to, just type
What time is it in London
You will get the local time, try for different places you want, even local places will do

Trick 8:
Check your Flight Status
Yes you can just do that on Google, as usual, go to, enter the airline and flight number, and you have the current status of the flight
Ex: Delta Flight 778

Trick 9:
Spy Trick
Search for inurl:view/view.shtml
And get links of all Live Webcams

Trick 10:
Local Weather Forecast
In search for Weather Mangalore, and get the weather forecast of Mangalore. Try for all local places you want to know the weather off!

Local Movies
Same works for movies, just search Movies Mangalore, to get the movies screened in Mangalore

Get showtimes too!
Search for ‘Showtimes’, you will be prompted to enter your city name, do the same, and you will get the showtimes

Trick 11:
Local Hot Spots
Go to and search for Restaurants or Discotheques to find all the nearby happening places

Trick 12:
Did you know the ‘loneliest number’?
Ask Google, by searching for ‘loneliest number’.

Trick 13:
Did you know ‘Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the universe and everything’?

Google does, search for the same, and google calculator will give you the answer. You can even click the link for the same Link
It will also tell the ‘number of horns on a unicorn’

Trick 14:
Google Sphere –Try searching for something and see the effect by moving your mouse pointer

Try it out and Share it around! Spread the Joy of Christmas

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