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Lime Juice

Ok, before you start thinking over the title and searching for a recipe of how to make Lime Juice my style, let me inform you, that this is a game, but the outcome is similar to the recipe of Lime Juice, but I guess you might find this one more tasty 🙂

You need:

Groups of members made! Maybe of 4 groups or 5!
20-25 lemons, each one cut to make 4 pieces
2-3Kg Sugar plus Salt Mixed
4-5 Bottles of Water
And a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm

Make the groups stand in a straight line! This game is well played in the open ground or lawn.
At a distance of About 15 steps Make 4 volunteers stand with the some pieces of Lemon
About 15 steps further, keep plates of sugar and salt mixed with a spoon each.
15 steps further Bottles of water, with volunteers to pour and give equal amount to all, i.e., one spoon each.
The last 15 steps further keep 4 empty glasses
Set a time limit and blow the whistle.
Each member from a group has to start running, first to take a piece of lemon in his/her mouth, go to the next stop where sugar is kept, add one spoon of mixture of sugar and salt in the mouth, go to next stop to get one spoon of water in the mouth, mix well, in the mouth, they can jump, turn or shake their heads, and they have to empty it in the glass. When this member reaches back to his group, only then the next person can go for his chance of preparing the juice and adding it to the glass.

The group which is able to make more amount of Juice in the set time is the winner!

Want to make it more interesting, ask any member of every group to go first and drink the fresh made juice just now. Hehhhee!! Have fun making this juice! 🙂

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