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My frequent visits to different outlets of Mast Kalandar, gave him a different experience altogether, so thought let me share my experience with you :)

@Koramangala on Zomato
So I was back to my all time veg favourite place for a dinner with friend. Also it was the first time my friend ventured this place, so I was the referral for her I could say.

So without too much time over anything, coz I know what I want when I come here, I ordered Kebab Connection – Paneer Tikka, with extra Tandoori Rotis, 2 Servings of Hot Gulab Jamun and Masala Cola.

It would be considered a sin if I give a bad critic to this place, coz this place has been really all time favorite of mine, for the quality, taste, quantity and price. Its all perfect, when I really want to relish on some north-indian veg cuisine.

The Paneer Tikka was amazing, with the Roti and Dal, which as always the superb one! Masala Cola is the one I tried first time here with my friends suggestion, and now I am in love with it, after which I have tried experimenting the same at my place, near to same is what I was able to achieve.

The food was filling, and the HOT HOT Gulab Jamun was just amazing as usual, just the way I would like them to be. If you guys have heard some bad reviews about it, then forget those one’s, try out yourself, coz you will definitely agree with me without doubts.

Also yes to tell you about the place, only problem is that Parking you will have issue, but the ambiance inside is real good one.

@Sarjapur on Zomato
I had been to quite a few Mast Kalandar’s before, got Home Delivery’s too, and was so happy and excited that I kept too high standards for this outlet I feel.

My last moment plan and trip to this place while I was hungry was a bad choice is what I felt when I came out of it.
Starting for the not-so well kept place with dust all over! I went to book my order to know, the must-have Paneer Dish from Maha Thali goes missing, and is being replaced with some veg curry. I was hungry and Maha Thali it was for me, so I said ok, and moved to find a seat for me!

I couldnt figure out why only I was sweating in an AC restaurant to find out, the AC’s were not on, and when I asked, he said only one works, and the moment he switched on, I had to re-look at it 3-4 times coz it looked like an ancient AC, but it sounded worse than a industrial exhaust fan.

However, since my aim was for some good food, I moved my focus from there to the food which came after a much delay, since there was only one Cashier and Server, who did both the jobs.

I was treated definitely well with some burnt rotis and smashed gulab jamun, as though the Paneer part was not enough. Thankfully, the Chaas and Salad was the only thing which made me happy, while my Tummy was definitely angry with me. However I had a smiling server who I am not sure what was he happy about.

It would feel I might be lying about this trip, then you could check your log’s for June 19, 2013 in the evening, there was an order for Maha Thali, and there wouldnt be many logs there, coz two other table folks, came in, found many things are missing and left the place.

Not so Mast experience after all.

@Koramangala on Zomato a different outlet.
Mast Kalandar Fan that I am, I try out almost all joints of theirs, to find out whats different about them in different hangouts!

The difference is usually the parking space, the servers, the logistics! But the food remains just the same, the best quality and the quantity, and the price of course the same.

I ventured this place, by taking my bro, who had never been to this place or any other of their joints, but has been in Bangalore for more than 5yrs. So making fun of him as to what he has been missing from so long in his bachelor life, we entered the busy jostling place, with all foodies, just focused on their food, coz thats what I believe this place is made for.

We both order the same “The Great Indian Maha Combo”, which almost has all you want. Foodies that we were, we found a nice corner for ourselves, coz it was going to be sharing and eating. So we start talking about our daily lives, and we are cut off by the yummy smell of our delicious platter of food. So a little chat in between, with lots of food in between we were just enjoying everything on the platter. I didnt have to ask my bro how was the food, coz seeing him, I got all the feedback I wanted. The Chaas and Gulab Jamun as usual are its best, which I dont think you have any one not liking it.

Everything was just made in the best authentic manner I could say, with perfection of taste.

The place has a good ambiance, but is always crowded with folks that you might have to wait for your corner, but you could order your dishes so you get your place and the food at the right time.

The prices are economically set for the poor bachelors and spinsters in town, that they can have the yummiest food, for the best prices.

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  1. Well when in it comes to affordable lunch and dinner and eating typical north Indian meals, Mast Kalandar indeed offers exactly what you want. One of the most under rated hotels in Kormangla-Madivala region is Tangerine in Davanama Sarovar, next to Market Square (earlier Total Mall). I really like the ambience and food there.

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