Mother’s Love

A thought came up today, while I was passing by a school in the afternoon.
This was the spectacle I saw, a mom was hurrying down the roadside, with a big tiffin bag in a hand. She was literally running, coz she knew that she was late, but she managed to reach the school gate on time. Her son, came running up to her as soon as he saw her, snatched the bag from his mother, and ran back to class.
It was quite clear to me the later incidents of what would happen was, the kid would just come running back with his tiffin bag, half closed, throw it mom, and run to play with his friends, and all that while, the mom just loiters around near the gate to see her son come again.

A thought just hit my head, and that to hit it very hard.

Just imagine, a mom who’s not so literate or qualified (as today’s world puts her) doesn’t work outside, but is a house wife. Stays at home, cooks good and fresh food daily morning for her folks, rather than wasting time by gossiping or doing something else. Cooks nice and yummy stuff for her children, packs their tiffin very well, also takes a bottle of water along with it. Walks all the way to her child’s school, just to give the child his/her tiffin (note that the school also allows the parents to feed their children or also to sit along with their children while eating). Expects her child to come running to her and give a hug or at least wish or say hello, and invite her to their class and join him/her while having food. Spend time with her talking and chatting, and pack the tiffin back same as it was, by appreciating the food cooked, and maybe one hug or a thank you, and then also drop her till the gate, with a wave.

Imagine the feelings and expectations of a mother, and the reactions of the child. Not saying that I was a good kid who did all this stuff, I never even got a chance like this, since i had to carry my own tiffin. But many a times we just forget how much our parents have done for us behind our backs, How much they have sacrificed, just to see us happy, just to make us feel comfortable. They may have spend days and nights not having food, or working over time just to meet up the needs. But never let us felt even a thing.

But what do we give in return? What is our gift back to them? What could we do so that if not in 100% at least 50% we could return back the favor?

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