Being a Mangalorean, makes me proud about everything in Mangalore, and I do take opportunity to promote every part of it in differnet way possible. Mangalore food for instance is famous all over the world, sadly when you ask a Mangalorean which are the best eat-out’s in Mangalore they keep scratching their brains. So here’s a list for all those who love Mangalore food, to try out the best of the best in Mangalore. Click the images, to get know more about the place and food of the place.

Must Eat Delicacy Mangalore

Chicken Satay, Peking Chicken, Shin Min Rice @ Hao Ming

Hao Ming on Zomato

Prawns fry, King fish Masala Fry @ Giri Manja’s

Giri Manja's on Zomato

Pork Baffat @ Periera’s


Spicy Chicken Lasagne, Chili Chicken Footlong, Chargrilled sizzler @ Chefs

Chefs on Zomato

Chicken Dum Biryani, Andhra style Chilly Chicken @ Andhra House


Spicy Chicken Shwarma @ Danish


King Fish and Seer fish Dry fry @ Hotel Narayana


Chicken Dum Biryani @ Diner’s Paradise


Chicken Biryani @ Bombay Lucky


Chicken Ghee roast @ Hotel Maharaja


The Chicken Chatpata @ Pallkhi


Parfait, Gadbud, Cutlets @ Pabbas/Ideals


Kheema Rice @ Froth on Top


The Ultimate Chicken Burger @ Hangyo Icy Creamz


Idli Pulimunchi Chicken Gravy @ Kudla Food Corner


Chicken Dum Biryani @ Biriyani Paradise


Chicken FREDDIE @ Mangala Restaurant and Bar


Chicken Satellite Sizzler @ Kobe Sizzlers


Bonda Shake (Tender Coconut) @ Appu Shet’s


Chinese Bhel @ Juice Junction


Chicken Puli Munchi @ Guthu


Crab Ghee Roast @ Cruise & Dine, Kudru Restaurant


Squid Ghee Roast @ Coral, Ocean Pearl


Tuppa Dosa, Rotti Chutney @ Taj Mahal Cafe


Some Like it Hot @ Cherry Square


Crab Roast @ Madhuvans Village


There quite many more to be added in the list, but I guess for now you could manage to trickle your taste buds here.. Do you have some suggestions on some more places to be added in this list, then do share in the comment sections below.

Image Source:, Manipal Blog and otherwise stated.

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