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My 100th post on Blogger

When I started blogging I never knew what I would write in my blog! I had no fixed aims of what to do! Blog was just something I wanted to explore!
I didnt know anything about technology or cooking, for that matter, I used to not even write anything anywhere!

Today with 12000+ Visitors, 100+ Daily visitors, linked in about 100+ websites, 200+ comments and feedback, I guess I have come a long way into the blogging world!

Blog for me at the beginning was a diary that I could share with lots of people, today the whole perspective of blogging has changed.

I am really grateful for all the support and feedback I get from my friends and near and dear one’s.

I thank God the foremost for giving me wisdom and knowledge that I could share with many, I thank my parents who are always supporting me, no matter what crazy thing I do, my brother who is always there for me, my friends who are all the friends indeed.

3 Years from the starting of this blog, its been a long way I have gone. Times have changed, people have changed, technology has improved, but our lives are more or less cycling in the same way!

Will come out with more posts, to keep you hooked on, keep reading and giving feedbacks so I could improve better, and post what you want to read.

Hope to see you again and again on my blog! Chao till then! 🙂

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Doing a great job Kelvin! Keep up the good work… And may God bless you in each and every way he can…. 🙂

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