After an overwhelming response from all, for the My City Way apps, from all over the world, lot and lot of them are just hooked on to this “awesome” (as I term it) application. The features and functionality are so user friendly and graphical and bright, you just cant stop yourself from exploring more.

But this doesn’t stop here, the news is out, that a new app “SIZYA” powered by mycityway is ready to be launched soon by next week or so.


Whats Sizya about?
What do we do on Sizya?
How it will help us?

Let me share with you some inputs on it.

Have you been caught up stranded on a good sunny day, where your friends and you had planned to go for outing, and no one has a clue which would be the best place to go to. Planned to go for a date, and no restaurants come to your mind, that would suit the occasion. Your old friend or cousin has come to your place after a long time, and you would like to take him/her out, and you quite dont know where.

So the answer to all this problem, has been simplified by My City Way- Sizya.

Here, you can create lists of things that your wild imaginations can take you too. Be it restaurants or movie theatres, cafe shops or just a corner of the town where you hangout, you can have it all listed here. So when you’re caught with the scenarios mentioned above, just open the lists, and you got all the options ready for you.

Some screen shots just for you 🙂

You can share the lists with your friends, and same time you can view theirs.

Its has an Google Maps integrated too, which displays the exact location of the place. It also provides tips, that help you go in better way, and also the highlights of the places.

If you have already been to that place before, you can even submit your review, so it will be helpful for others.
Do you need more than this now?

The details of the place may or may not be updated by the proprietors there, if do, you get all of it here, also their website, contact info, so you could reserve a place there well in-advance.

Its integrated with Facebook, so with its authorization, you can check out the lists of your facebook friends too.

Now who can use this, or is it easy to use, is the next question that will surely strike your mind, and guess what, its a easy to use application for all.
The first time monger, can just start by viewing others lists and using it, and soon start his lot.
For the blogger, he can get users feedback in a new way for his/her blog.
Got an event coming up, with lots of places to explore, then with this app, you can set a where each stall or corner is set up, so the visitor can just go to the place he/she is interested or searching for.
Now even for the realtor in town, can spread the news about, the new places available for buying, with the map.
Now thats something, for all write eh? Yes even you can be part of it, and you got some creative idea, where these folks can improve on, you can even give your feedback.

Now I just know the feeling your getting in yourself, to use this wonderful app, but just hold on for sometime, coz its gonna launch pretty soon, for all users, to get started with.

Also the better part is, its both web and mobile based application.

You can find my list here, once its opened to all but.

Currently it will be only available for US, and then sooner to all the other places 🙂

In a way, as I had the first word in my mind, while I saw “My City Way”, the word still remains the same for “Sizya”, its “awesome” 🙂

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