My Dear Friend

My dear friend,
Never worry for little things,
Everything will be alright,
I am with you to fight.

Problems are small
But you feel they are huge,
You have the strength to fly
You will reach high in the sky..

Never worry my friend,
Things will go better
And I promise I’ll be with you
To face all till the end, My friend.

About Author: Sireesha Pabbathi
Software Developer, Content Writer, Poet, and budding IT professional and a recent Blogger. Down to Earth person, with a kind-heart to all things around her. Always ready to help everyone and good at expressing her feelings through poetry, and one of my best friend.

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  1. OOOOoooh Best Friends Forever….Its seriously a good one…. Even i’ll try to compose some poems… 😀 even though i’m bad at rhyming 😛

  2. @Hansen: Sure would love to listen to yours! And if you want i’ll post it here for you!
    And you know the anonymous person? Now when you say so so I wonder who it is! 🙂

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