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Name Chain Game

Heres an Ice Breaker I thought let me share with you, which might help you in your activities.

This is an Ice breaker game, which will help you achieve the breaking of the ice in a group of people who are quite new to each other. Everyone will know each others names for a start and also there will be the initial start of communication.

Things U need
Group of participants and nothing at all.

Steps to Play
1.)Make a round circle of everyone, and ask everyone to call out their first names, so everyone knows everyone else.
2.) Call out a few Volunteers from the crowd to start off with the game. It could be in 1:10 ratio.
3.) Ask the rest of the members to disperse in the hall/room or the given boundary.
4.) Explain the game to the volunteers.
They have to start finding a person, whose first name starts with the second letter of the volunteer. (Eg. If Albert was one among the volunteer, he will have to find someone with the name starting from ‘b’, like Bernard).
The duo now with the second have to find the next person, whose name starts with the second letter of the person who currently joined. (Eg. As soon as Bernard joined in, Albert and Bernard has to find someone with name starting from ‘e’, like Eliza)
Now if there is no one in the room with name starting from that letter, they have to go for the next letter in their name. If they finish all the name in their name, they have to go back to the first volunteer’s name, and find people with letters of his name.
And so on the game continues
5.) The group with highest number of members win.

The not sharing of game with all at the beginning will make the volunteers start explaining the game to others, which will lead for a starting of the conversation between them. Also going as a group to find a new person will increase the excitement.

NOTE: If you feel the groups have cheated, ask the volunteer to explain how he got all the members of his team. You will catch him/her if they have cheated in the game.

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