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New Makeover

After a long break, of about two weeks or so, I had been busy working on the new makeover for the blog.
I felt my blog should be unique, not the ordinary one as such!
So after a lot of day and nights work, with lot of my friends helping me with this, I have come out with this new makeover, which I would like you to check it out.

First and foremost, the name of the blog has been changed to Kel-Logs (Kelvin Blog’s)


The other new features are
New Self Designed and Customized Template
Slide Show
Save Energy Feature
Linked to Facebook, Twitter and Digg
New Commenting Feature
Place for Ad’s
Related Posts
Mail the Links or Share it

And coming soon are lots and lots of new good posts!

The people behind the website background, who helped me in this venture are
Juvita D’Sliva
Cecelia Lourenco
Jeswin Castelino
Mithun Das
Gerald Castelino
Cecelia Castelino

Over all, the main one to help me, is God above, who helped me with my sleepless nights, prioritizing my free time, and giving me good friends! Praise God 🙂

Hope you like my new make over, do leave a comment on your views and thoughts on this.

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