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New Year Resolution

I will not eat Sweets for the year‘, ‘I wont drink Aerated Drinks‘, ‘Will Stop Drinking and Smoking‘, ‘Will go to Gym everyday‘ and it goes on when you ask anybody about whats their New Year Resolutions this time! Every Beginning of the year, every one has a New Year’s Resolution which they share it publicly or keep it all to themselves! Some strive their best to keep it, but fail before even a month or two complete, while others keep up to their commitments!

Talking about all, I was wondering myself, what would be my New Year Resolution’s this year! After a few thoughts and brain storming with myself, I thought let me this time have a different type of resolution of all!

ONE- I change the way I Pray
Everyday, Every week, Every month, my prayers remain the same! ‘God, give ME, heal ME, listen to ME, …ME..ME…ME’! Selfish that I am I only focus to pray for me, than others! This year I pray for others more than I pray for myself!

TWO- I change the way I Talk
My Talk is always a Sound Talk, which has 90% sound and 10% Talk! But wait, the 10% Talk I am talking is only 2% sensible and important, rest crap! Let me try to anymore think and talk, so to keep up to the phrase, ‘Sound of Silence’

THREE- I change the way I Hog
Till date, half my life had gone only for hogging and sleeping! Let me try to make this Hogging to Eating, so that many empty stomach’s be filled, with my small effort of Saving food for them!

FOUR- I change the way I Walk
There’s nothing wrong with my walking style now, its only that I have been walking less! Meaning, there has a been a very minute increase in my waist line, which has caused me to buy new pants! I could share that I will be hence forth supporting SAVE FUEL, SAVE EARTH .

FIVE- I change the way I Look
Ok, now I dont look so handsome and cool, though lot of girls just follow me! But I am not talking about my appearance, but I am talking about the way I look at things! Let me see things in positive manner, let me see the better parts of every person, let my observation make me learn something new!

Now I suppose 5 are more than enough for this year, coz I dont want to burden myself, that I wont even be able to be normal! Let me take these small, small steps to the bigger aim!

Whats your, this year’ resolution?

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