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One Tight Slap from God!

Have you had one tight slap experience from God?
I just did today morning 🙂
Yesterday night, due to heavy rainfall in Bangalore, India, the area I was riding was flooded, and my Hayabusa just didnt agree to go any more further. So I parked it at the side, hitched hike’d a ride back home! Went home earnestly prayed to God to take care of my bike 😉

Morning I went to get it back, there’s no trace of my bike at all! Reached the police station in another 15 mins, where I was praised so much, my ears started paining!
Its then you realize, I am responsible for my own things to take care, not Police not even God!
But our God, the most loving one, he was not supposed to be so bad, so he did send a Samaritan for me, who had actually in the night saw my bike floating in the water, 100mtrs away from where I parked, so he fished it out, kept it near his place, and also informed the cops, who then informed me!

Sadly the bike is in Coma, and has been admitted to ICU, coz it was drowned!
However, though I knew it, God just reassured to me, be responsible and take care of your things, dont expect God to do everything, while you sleep at home 😉

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